Custom Cards: 1990-91 Pro Set Mario Gosselin, Ron Scott & Three More

1990-91_Pro_Set_Mario_Gosselin 1990-91_Pro_Set_Ron_Scott
Those of you who read this blog no doubt recall my endless love for the 1990-91 Pro Set Hockey set. Between its colorful design and comprehensive player selection, it will always be one of my all-time favorites.

But Pro Set could have been a little more comprehensive that year. While the 705-card tome-of-a-set includes almost everyone from the previous year (1989-90) or from 1990-91, not everyone was included. Two examples are Los Angeles Kings goalies Mario Gosselin and Ron Scott, who were (more or less) NHL regulars in 1989-90, but overlooked by Pro Set.

1990-91_Pro_Set_Mario_GosselinMario Gosselin was the Kings’ second-string goalie in 1989-90. He appeared in 26 games, while starter Kelly Hrudey played in 52 games. Gosselin was included in the 1990-91 O-Pee-Chee and Upper Deck sets (the latter featuring the best hockey card photograph ever taken), but was not a part of the 405-card Pro Set Series One. By the time Series Two rolled around, Gosselin was in the minors.

1990-91_Pro_Set_Ron_ScottRon Scott played 12 games for the Kings in 1989-90, and was thus unlikely to appear in any hockey card set from 1990-91. Then again, he appeared in 16 games over 5 seasons for the New York Rangers, so 12 games in the same season was at least a step in the right direction. Like Gosselin, Scott spent the 1990-91 season in the minors, so no company had any reason to make a card of him that year.

However, Pro Set totally overlooked this guy:

1990-91 Pro Set Robb Stauber Custom CardRobb Stauber appeared in only 2 games for the Kings in 1989-90, but was considered their top goaltending prospect. He won the Hobey Baker Award in 1988 as the best college hockey player, so his appearance in the NHL was no fluke. Topps, O-Pee-Chee and Upper Deck all recognized that Stauber had potential and included a card of him in their 1990-91 sets. Pro Set should have probably included Stauber in their Series Two set, which was laden with rookies, prospects and bit players.

Drawing some inspiration from Jason and his 1981-82 OPC reboot, I decided to make custom Pro Set cards of Kelly Hrudey and Daniel Berthiaume–the two reasons why Gosselin, Scott and Stauber spent 1990-91 in the minors:

1990-91 Pro Set card #119 - Kelly Hrudey 1990-91 Pro Set Kelly Hrudey Custom Card
I never cared for Kelly Hrudey’s “real” 1990-91 Pro Set card (left), which shows him wearing his New York Islanders equipment. I wouldn’t mind the photo on an ’89-90 card, but more than a year had passed between Hrudey joining the Kings and Pro Set making his card, so there was no reason to use an old photo.

1990-91 Pro Set card #454 - Daniel Berthiaume 1990-91 Pro Set Daniel Berthiaume Custom Card

Daniel Berthiaume was the bona fide number two goalie for the Kings in 1990-91 (37 games) and 1991-92 (19 games). I don’t have a problem with his actual 1990-91 Pro Set card, (left) but my custom uses a photo from later in the season, when Berthiaume wore a customized mask (and not the all-black bucket seen on the left).

Question: What 1990-91 Pro Set custom card would you like to see? Who from your favorite team should have appeared on a Pro Set card that year, but did not? Post a reply below, and I will try to make the card you suggest.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

7 thoughts on “Custom Cards: 1990-91 Pro Set Mario Gosselin, Ron Scott & Three More”

  1. I must confess I too love this set. In fact, I actually think that it is nearly a perfect set for the time period. The size, rookies and number of different and unique subsets are all huge pluses. Even the chase for the Stanley Cup was one of the first true “hits”. True the errors and the over-production certainly take away from the set, I am glad to see the set has actually “increased” in value over the last few years because it is actually challenging to complete.

    One rookie I would like to see is Kris Draper who managed to have UD and Score rookies but missed out for some reason with Pro Set.

  2. Hey Sal,

    Would have loved to see a Brodeur in that set. His only RC was in Score from the same year.

    Nice work! And could you get back to me on my trade proposal?


  3. Interesting article. As far as who I wish they produced a card from in this year, the first person would be Mike Sillinger. Not a Wings fan, but he debuted with them in that year and I always admired his work ethic, heart and positive attitude. To not include him sucks.
    From my favourite team which is the Penguins (then and now), how they could overlook Jim Paek who also was a rookie that year, is beyond me. Besides being the first Korean to play in the league, he also got his name engraved on the cup in 90-91. He should ultimately have been included on Series 2 for that year rather than have his rookie (Sillingers as well) included during the following years Pro Set

  4. I’d agree with AJ there but using the rules of the NHLPA would have prevented that (although I don’t think those existed back then). Paek’s first game was in the 1990-91 season and he only played 11 of them (8 being in the playoffs). The 1990-91 set would be the guys from 1989-90. So in that case, I’d pick the rest of the Penguins lineup (that don’t already have cards as a Canuck) that contributed anything to their season which would mean we need additional cards for Gilbert Delorme, Rod Buskas (only 6 games but he had a few penalties), Jock Callander, Mark Kachowski, Chris Dahlquist (rookie card I think), Jim Kyte, Jamie Leach (also a rookie card I think), Richard Zemlak, and Doug Smith (who doesn’t have a card as a Canuck either I don’t think since he split the season with them and Pittsburgh).

  5. I’d love to see a Steve Guenette card. He never had a card made of him during his career. He played a three games with the Flames between 89-90 and 90-91, so he’d be eligible for the set. But good luck finding a decent picture. I’ve looked around several times and couldn’t find anything, especially in a Flames uniform. There’s not even a decent picture of him in a Penguins uniform.

  6. I love this set. It was the first pack of cards I bought with “my own money”.

    For some reason the team logo cards were always my favourite. I really liked how the banners were in the team colours but the logo’s were a metallic silver. I wouldn’t mind seeing customs of the expansion and relocated teams that weren’t in the NHL at the time. I think an Avalanche card would look amazing.

  7. I was looking online for RonScott cards and saw this blog. I am Ron’s brother in law and he is a great guy. I was hoping to find a hockey card for each one of his kids but have not found one. I was told there was never a card made of him by any company. I would love to purchase any if available. I would appreciate any info you could give me.
    John Conklin

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