Review: 1991 Louisville Hockey Stick Cards

Odd, oversized cards of NHL superstars

1991-92 Louisville Mark Messier 1991-92 Louisville Pat Lafontaine

Not much is known about these two hockey cards. The backs are blank, and there is no copyright date on them. The cards measure 4″ x 6″ and feature former NHL superstars Mark Messier and Pat Lafontaine. Each is in an All-Star Game uniform, and at the bottom it reads “Louisville” – the manufacturer of the hockey sticks that Messier and Lafontaine are using in the pictures. Continue reading “Review: 1991 Louisville Hockey Stick Cards”

Review: 1968-1969 Post Marbles

Pre-expansion collectible is a must for serious collectors

1968-69 Post Marbles

At a glance:
– 1968-1969 Post Marbles
– 30 marbles  (3/4″diameter)
– 1 game board (30″ x 18″)
– Download Checklist

We all played with Marbles when we were kids. Recess was the best time. Heel a small hole in the hard packed school yard and delicately roll your beauties towards it. Now there were several types of games and depending on how good you were could also decide on what size “Crown Royal” bag you would be carrying. Crown Royal has a status all to its own and to marble collectors it meant a great looking tote bag. Kids love to collect things, although I suspect kids today may not know what a marble or alley is. Continue reading “Review: 1968-1969 Post Marbles”