How Dan Carcillo Picks a Fight

I’ve been making a lot of flow charts lately–you know, little boxes and arrow-type things that illustrate a process. I make such charts to show the page flow of a website…but today, I made one that was a little more interesting.

I am so tired of Daniel Carcillo and his pattented thuggery. I’m all for a good fight in hockey, but Carcillo does not provide good fights. Funny how he went from being my favorite Phoenix Coyotes player to my least favorite NHL player, period. I guess being on a team nicknamed “The Broad Street Bullies” went straight to his head. And we all know that bullies never pick a fair fight.

Thus, I applied a little computer-y flow cart logic to how Carcillo deals with the daunting task of who to fight with when he steps on the ice. Enjoy!

(Click chart to make it bigger and more readable and more enjoyable. Individual enjoyment may vary)

In other news, I’m about 5 weeks away from finishing graduate school, and have been redesigning my portfolio website so I can land a full-time job. That’s why I haven’t been writing much lately. Because I’m sure all 3 people who visit this site are totally wondering why I haven’t updated this site more. Right, uh….AL…and, um….Shane…and, uh…other guy…

The Onion riffs on hockey

The Onion is a free, satirical newspaper here in some U.S. cities. Every now and then, they riff on hockey in their Sports section. Here’s some of their latest hockey quips.

People Probably Affiliated With Hockey In Some Way Inducted In Hockey Hall Of Fame – unfortunately, it wasn’t a full article, just a photo and caption.

Nation’s Morons March On Washington State – not a hockey article, but the moron on the left is holding a sign that says “Go Red Wings.”

And from last season, here’s a hilarious infographic about Alexander Ovechkin (click on it to read).

Heh, heh…speaks fluent Ovechkin. Happy Friday, everyone.

More reasons to love The Onion

The Onion–a satire newspaper published in the U.S.–is probably the only newspaper I read consistently. Sad but true. And oh so funny. Every now and then they lampoon hockey in their Sports section. Here are some of the more recent riffs–all Red Wings related, given their success:

Giant Squid Thrown On Ice To Celebrate Red Wings Hat Trick

Evil Red Wings Owner Wario Lemieux Steals Stanley Cup

Chris Osgood Gets To Third Base With Stanley Cup
This one is a full article, and a little off color.

Also,, there’s a good chance that people who aren’t video game player will get the “Wario Lemieux” reference. Mario Lemieux was nicknamed “Super Mario” in the 1990s after the popular video game character Mario from the Super Mario Bros. games. Wario, with his big nose and twisty mustache, is the evil version of Mario.

Gotta love The Onion

For those of you who don’t know, The Onion is the premier weekly satirical newspaper here in the U.S. of A.–sort of like Mad Magazine, but more sophisticated…and yet not pretentious. They poke fun at all things, like politics, current events and sports. Once in a while, they even dis’ on hockey, as evidenced by this photo:

The Onion also poked fun about the recent NHL All-Star Game in Atlanta.