2007-08 OPC collector tin break #2

Here is the breakdown for the second of five tins I purchased recently:

– 67 base cards
– 6 Marquee Rookies
– 1 Base Parallels
– 1 Season Highlights
– 1 In-Action
– 1 Stat Leaders
– 1 OPC Buyback (1976-77 Canadiens)

Hmmm, one less Marque Rookie in this tin. That sucks. I also got one of those “buyback cards” that I’ve gotten so tired of. At least this time, it was not another Patrick Roy award winner card. This go-around, it was a card from 30 years ago, featuring the Montreal Canadiens. I don’t mind getting a 30 year old card in a pack of new cards, even if it is a common.

2007-08 OPC collector tin break #1

OK, I’ve been meaning to post more box breakdowns. I recently purchased five tins of 2007-08 O-Pee-Chee hockey cards. Each tin contains 13 packs of cards, and each pack has six cards. If you recall, I’m still trying to get that elusive Patrick Kane rookie card.

Without further ado, here is how I did on the first tin:

– 66 base cards
– 7 Marquee Rookies
– 1 Base Parallels
– 1 Season Highlights
– 1 In-Action
– 1 Stat Leaders
– 1 Record Breakers

I got two particularly good rookie cards in this tin: Erik Johnson and Patrick Kane. Finally! I finally got a Patrick Kane card. Yes! Now I have all of the “pricey” rookie cards.

What the Puck?

Old Leafs puck = 6 ounces of black gold

Toronto Maple Leafs Viceroy Puck - front“Hey Thom, what’s your collection worth?”

I hear that question all the time. Fact is I don’t really know and I figure that arriving at a total is not something I hopefully will ever be burdened with. I will concede that I do know the value of most things and can ballpark estimate the rest. It’s important to remember values change with time too.

As many know, I have a fetish for vulcanized rubber decorated with artwork and make no bones as to admitting that on at least a few occasions, Continue reading “What the Puck?”

Tony O Rookie Card

1969-70 O-Pee-Chee card #138 – Tony Esposito

Tony Esposito rookie cardOne thing that most of us know by now is, you can’t try to be cool – you either are or you aren’t…although many of us still try to be. Four decades ago, hockey cards didn’t “try” to be cool – they just were.

Take for instance this rookie card of Hall of Fame goaltender Tony Esposito, and you will see what I mean. Continue reading “Tony O Rookie Card”

Denis Savard Appearance

Chicago Blackhawks head coach and Hall of Famer Denis Savard will be signing autographs this upcoming Saturday, March 1, at the Kmart Super Center in Tinley Park (16300 Harlem Ave.) at 3 pm.

Hopefully, I will be able to attend this signing. I have an old photo of Savard, from the 1989-90 season, that I would love to get signed. The picture is 11″ x 14″, so it is too big to mail to him. I also have some cards I can (hopefully) get signed too.

UPDATE: I went to the signing, and have posted about it here.

Elmer Vasko Was Told One Day!

“Moose” fined for sub-par play

Elmer "Moose" VaskoFor generations we toil in our jobs and even though some of us say we love our work there are many who do not. Often you have heard me say or write that sports become our release from our day to day burdens. Most of us will work lifetimes to make what some athletes will make in two months. We worry about number one and make sure we try and do our jobs to the best of our abilities.

In most cases we undergo annual reviews and get praise for good work habits and in some cases we also need to be reminded we could do better. Continue reading “Elmer Vasko Was Told One Day!”

Blackhawks Convention – July 18-20

Things just keep getting better and better for Chicago Blackhawks fans this year.

It’s as if the team wants people to like them.

A few days ago, the team announced that it will hold the first annual Blackhawks Convention, July 18-20, 2008. The convention will feature autograph sessions and photo opportunities with former players such as Tony Esposito, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita and Denis Savard. New players such as Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews will be there too. ‘Hawks broadcaster Eddie Olczyk will be the Honorary Chairman of the convention.

The full story can be read on the Blackhawks website here.

2007-08 OPC wax box break #5

My fifth (and final) OPC wax box break:

– 184 base cards
– 18 Marquee Rookies
– 4 Base Parallels
– 2 Team Checklists
– 2 Season Highlights
– 2 In-Action
– 2 Stat Leaders
– 1 Record Breakers
– 1 OPC Buyback (1989-90 OPC Vezina Trophy: Patrick Roy–yet again!!!)

Would getting three of these cards be called a “Pat Trick”?

These OPC buyback cards are getting nuts! In the past three boxes, I have gotten the exact same card–a 1989-90 OPC Vezina Trophy Patrick Roy card. Would getting three of these Roy cards be called a “Pat Trick”? Since I got them in three boxes in a row, maybe it should be called a “Natural Pat Trick”?

I don’t know. I think the buyback cards would be OK if I got some variety in years. But to get the exact same card three times in a row is ridiculous!

The only other notable card I got is a base parallel of Henrik Lundqvist–I guess these are called “Micromotion”. While these inserts are not all that notable–you get four of them per box–I really like this Lundqvist card, especially the way the rays emanate from behind the goalie, and how his glove hand is outstretched. It’s a dynamic pose; adding the rays behind Lundqvist gives the card an even cooler look.

Still no Patrick Kane card (but three Patrick Roy cards). Oh well, on to the OPC tins…

Hard Work Brings Success

1991-92 Pinnacle #398 – Jim Kyte

Jim Kyte hockey cardDespite playing over 10 years in the National Hockey League, former defenseman Jim Kyte was not featured on a lot of hockey cards. However, his accomplishment as the first legally deaf hockey player in the National Hockey League made him an inspiration to hearing-impaired athletes, and merited him a few special subset cards that spoke about his handicap. One such card is from the 1991-92 Pinnacle Hockey set. Continue reading “Hard Work Brings Success”