Puck Junk Giveaway #1

NOTE: This giveaway is over.

Summers sure seem long when there’s no hockey on TV. So today, I am starting the first of (hopefully) several Puck Junk hockey card related giveaways and promotions over the summer.

This week, I’m giving away some shiny team logo stickers from the 1995-96 Panini Hockey set. Everyone likes shiny logo stickers, right? Well, to get one for FREE, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1
If you have not done so already, please become a follower of this blog by clicking on the FOLLOW button on the right, at the top (just below the Search box).**

Step 2
Post a reply here, listing your top three choices of team logos and your email like this:

1st choice: Boston Bruins
2nd choice: Vancouver Canucks
3rd choice: Winnipeg Jets


Or you can write it like…

name AT email DOT com

…if you’re afraid of evil spam bots!!!!

Note that since these logo stickers are from 1995, there aren’t any of Nashville, Minnesota, Columbus, Atlanta, Phoenix or Carolina–but there are of Hartford and Winnipeg.

Step 3
Next week, I’ll email you asking for your mailing address.

Step 4
When you email me your address, I’ll send you a logo sticker PLUS a few stickers of players from the teams you listed.

That’s it. So please, don’t crush my fragile ego. Become a “Puck Junkie”, post a reply, and let me give you some rad hockey stickers.

Oh, and check here tomorrow for an all-new Card of the Week!

** – By following this blog, not only are you helping my fragile ego, but you will be alerted of much cooler contests and giveaways in the future.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

17 thoughts on “Puck Junk Giveaway #1”

  1. cool giveaway… i loved these stickers growing up… never collected the hockey ones though.

    1st choice: San Jose Sharks
    2nd choice: Detroit Redwings
    3rd choice: Boston Bruins


  2. 1st choice: Whalers
    2nd choice: Whalers
    3rd choice: Bruins (I guess)

    You know my address!

  3. Sweet!! I didn't even know Panini existed after about 1990 (at least until I saw those photcards they made in 1998).

    1st choice: Pittsburgh Penguins
    2nd choice: Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche (not sure which team they have)
    3rd choice: Anaheim Ducks


  4. 1st choice: Buffalo Sabres
    2nd choice: Tampa Bay Lightning
    3rd choice: Los Angeles Kings

    disengage at jerseydatabase dot com

  5. #1 Montreal
    #2 uh… Calgary, I guess
    #3 Detroit (why not?)

    volleygod67 AT gmail DOT com


  6. Man that Gorton's Fisherman sticker is awesome…

    1st choice: Detroit Redwings
    2nd choice: Chicago Blackhawks
    3rd choice: Calgary Flames

    dayf13 at gmail cot com


  7. 1st choice: los angeles kings
    2nd choice: toronto maple leafs
    3rd choice: winnipeg jets

    thanks, eh?

    gcrl AT comcast DOT net

  8. 1. Winnipeg Jets
    2. Hartford Whalers
    3. That sweet Islanders sticker shown in the entry.

    Nice giveaway.

    bwagner AT gmail DOT com

  9. If I would had to choose from the bottom of my heart I would had said:

    1st choice: Houston Aeros
    2nd choice: Houston Aeros
    3rd choice: Houston Aeros

    But hockey could be a ungrateful sport sometimes and Aeros stickers are too much too ask I would say:

    1st choice: Winnipeg Jets
    2nd choice: NY Islanders
    3rd choice: Washington Capitals

    Minor leagues could be so hard sometimes……Thank you for this…!!!!!

  10. 1. New Jersey Devils
    2. Pittsburgh Penguins
    3. Dallas Stars? :shrug:

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. 1st choice: Boston Bruins
    2nd choice: Pittsburgh Penguins
    3rd choice Edmonton Oilers


    Getting a new Hockey fan. Always liked the sports and maybe with the help of this blog and others I can get into it more.

  12. Is it too late? I think I actually have a 95-96 Panini book in my bedroom somewhere. Nowhere near complete, mind you.


    1st choice: Islanders
    2nd choice: Panthers
    3rd choice: Senators

    wax_house AT yahoo DOT com

  13. The giveaway is over. Everyone who has posted*, I am sending your stickers out on Saturday.

    * – Michel, you did not leave an email address…

  14. Thanks, Sal. I got the goods yesterday or the day before, I don't remember. Those are awesome adds to my collection. It makes me wonder what happened to my sticker albums from back in the 80's.

  15. Hey Sal…

    Those stickers are awesome! I love my foil Sharks emblem and the Jeff Friesen rookie sticker. Friesen was a hometown hero for years in San Jose, until he was traded to the Ducks. Now he is officially back in San Jose.

    Thanks again for the free stickers.

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