Puck Junk Stanley Cup Contest

NOTE: This contest is over.

With the Blackhawks, my favorite team, in the Stanley Cup Finals, I cannot think of a better reason to give away some hockey cards. But you got to win them.

How To Play:

1. Post a reply here with your name, email address–and most importantly–who you think will score the game winning goal in the deciding game of the Finals. Not the last goal, not the insurance goal or an empty-netter…but the goal that wins the game that wins the series.

2. You may choose only ONE player, so chose wisely. ( Blackhawks roster | Flyers roster )

3. You may NOT pick the same player as someone else, so pay attention to who others before you have picked.

4. Even if the player you choose does not score the GWG, you still win a prize if he assists on it.

Prizes– in no particular order

1987-88 OPC Minis Complete Set (1-42) – Gretzky, Lemieux, Roy and many other HOFers.

1969-70 Topps Tim Horton – the card isn’t perfect, but let’s see how you look in 40 years.

2008-09 Champ’s Glenn Anderson Jersey Card – Hall of Fame player who won 6 Stanley Cups.

Who Wins What?
1st Place – for the contestant who correctly guesses the GWG scorer. First place winner gets first pick of the above prizes.

2nd Place – for the contest whose chosen player gets the first assist on the GWG. Second place gets next pick of above prizes.

3rd Place – for the contestant whose chosen player gets the second assist on the GWG. Third place gets whatever prize is left.

If no one correctly guesses the player who scores the GWG in the Cup-clinching game, then everyone moves up a place.

If any prizes are left over, then winners will be chosen at random using Random.org

If you have a blog, please let others know about this contest.

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NOTE: This contest is closed.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

32 thoughts on “Puck Junk Stanley Cup Contest”

  1. Dustin Byfuglien

    Hawks in 5

    I was hoping to have a little side wager with you over a Habs/Hawks series…. but maybe next time.

  2. Aaron Asham

    Flyers in 6.

    Yeah, that's the long shot, but I can't believe Hossa is going to be on the winnning side this year.

  3. Philly seems to be destiny's child this year. Flyers in Six with Mike Richards scoring the game winner.

  4. Someone took sharp just before me. So, I will go with Andrew Ladd of the Blackhawks.

  5. I'll go very random here, I think the Hawks will win the series but all the players I would've chosen have been nabbed, so I'll pull a complete 180.

    Chris Pronger!

  6. Hi Sal , Scott Hartnell will score GWG in game 6 to give the flyers the cup.

    Thanks Dean

  7. Casey (folkadelic.jones@gmail.com)

    I'm not even sure how much ice time he gets and he rarely scores, but my Boston fandom is going to say Nick Boynton. I was devastated when Boston got rid of him!

  8. Thanks for the contest!

    Chicago wins in 5 and I'll go with Brent Seabrook to score the series winning goal.

  9. for some reason the post above mine wasnt shown before i posted so if i can id like to change my pick to jeff carter. if thats not allowed then it is what it is.

  10. @yankeesjetsfan (aka Mike)

    Captain Canuck already picked Dustin Byfuglien, so your entry has been disqualified. But feel free to pick a player who has not already been picked.

  11. Sorry about that. I'll then go with my guy, former Devil, John Madden.


  12. Fellow Wisconsinite, Adam Burish…Hawks Win! Do we have to choose in how many games too? If so, in 6

  13. @ Anonymous –

    Hey, I need a name and an email address.

    How am I going to contact you if you win?

    Please re-post your pick with a name & email.

    You do NOT need to pick in how many games the team will win.

  14. Brandon (spiritoradio@gmail.com)

    I choose The Blackhawks Cristobal Huet.
    Hey, it can happen.

  15. Hawks in 5. I'm gonna have to go with a long shot…Kopecky.

    Jackie (apctoolmaynard@aol.com)

  16. Can't pick a Flyer so I'll go with Brian Campbell

    Aubrey (juniorrocks8@juno.com)

  17. @ Paul – Jeff Carter was already picked by rick rossi, so your entry is disqualified.

  18. The Contest is closed.

    No new entries will be accepted.

    Good luck to everyone who entered.

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