Poll Results: Do you like checklists?

checklist_poll_2Back in December, I declared that checklists are dead, and no longer a necessary part of card collecting. I also posted a poll that ran from December 7 until January 25, asking readers:

“Do you like checklists in new sets?”

I was so sure that everyone would vote no–that everyone would agree with me that checklists, while useful several decades ago, are no longer welcome today.

So, you might imagine my surprise when more than half of you voted in favor of checklists.

Yes = 26 votes (59%)
No = 18 votes (41%)

Some readers also shared their thoughts. Below are some excerpts of what was said (click here to read the full comments):

I… like the checklists as it brings me back to my childhood days – Al (Hockey Kazi)

Checklists are part of card tradition….it´s something that is not useful anymore, true, but it connects present with the past and [I] hope they will stay in sets for a long time.
– Milan a.k.a. Doomm (Hokejové Karty)

1991-92 Upper Deck checklist (front)
1991-92 Upper Deck checklist (front)

I’m kind of on the fence with this one. I don’t like a checklist card that takes the place of another card in the set, especially in Upper Deck Hockey…On the other hand, I like them in Retro sets like OPC..I think it would be cool if they came back with the team checklists and used a painting on the front like Upper Deck [did] back in the early 90′s. – Nick B

I’d laugh my butt off if a product like Dominion or The Cup threw a checklist card into the mix. They only work for products looking to throw you back in time.
– Brett a.k.a. bamlinden (My Hockey Card Obsession)

1979-80 Topps #253 - New York Islanders Team Photo & Checklist (back)
1979-80 Topps team checklist (back)

Checklists are dead. Yes, back in the day they were helpful, but it still got me mad if I pulled one in any pack. If anything, they should make checklists free to those who want them.
– Jason (Mostly Hockey and Non-Sports)

No need for the checklists anymore…nothing worse than getting a checklist instead of card!
– Johnny Mac

I don’t like set checklists. But I would like to see team checklists in the larger sets. Or team leader cards again, but only as part of the base in the larger sets.
– Jason B. (The Cardboard and Me)

Usually, I don’t like them. The nostalgia can sometimes be kind of cool, but they really just seem irrelevant now.
– Sean (Sean’s Sports World)

So while most of the votes were pro-checklist, most of the comments were anti-checklist.

Overall, the impression I get is that most collectors agree that checklists are pointless in this era, but like them because they are a part of the tradition and “help” make a set “feel” complete.

Thanks to those who voted or commented.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

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