Penguins’ Stanley Cup Finals Ice for Sale

Ice, Ice Baby! Consol Center Ice, Ice Baby!


What do you buy a die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins fan to celebrate the Pens’ 2016 Stanley Cup Championship? You could get them an autographed photo, a signed puck or a team-signed guitar. I’m not making the last one up.

Or you could get them some ice from the Consol Energy Center that has been melted down and put into a puck or a mini Stanley Cup. It’s the ice that the Penguins and Sharks skated on for Games One, Two and Five. This is great for Pens fans who like water that they can’t drink. And if Sidney Crosby spit on the ice in any of those games, it might even have his DNA! No, not really. All kidding aside, these are pretty nice.


The Crystal Puck looks fancy and comes in a posh blue box that bears the Stanley Cup Championship logo. It costs $49.99, with free shipping.

But I think I like the “Crystal Cup” better.


Like the real Stanley Cup, the Crystal “filled with ice” Cup comes with its own coffin storage case. At $79.99 (with free shipping) it costs a bit more than the crystal puck, but I think the box makes it worthwhile. It lists out the years of the Penguins’ four Championships, their regular season record, the results in the first three rounds of the playoffs, and the game-by-game results of the Finals.

The ice-filled Crystal Puck and Crystal Cup collectibles — as well as other Penguins Championship merchandise — are being sold by ■

Update: this idea was popular enough to be revisited a year later, with ice from the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals.

6 thoughts on “Penguins’ Stanley Cup Finals Ice for Sale”

  1. The cup is pretty cool and would make an interesting item for the display case. Definitely in that “different” category. Same with the guitar!
    Would I get this as a life long Pens fan? Its a fun novelty but probably not. I would have rather had the ice from the igloo that they did at the end of it’s last season. Better yet, a game worn jersey from the finals that has been photo matched!

    And to prove that this whole thing isn’t crazy (or that I am crazy by myself) – I still have a gatorade bottle of pure water I snagged from the Columbia glacer in Alberta on my last trip out west in 2012…..

  2. Got the puck, it’s a pretty cool looking item. Unfortunately the water leaked out of the puck during shipping and soaked the case… No ice water for me… They were nice enough to replace it, fingers crossed that this one makes it here intact.

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