Collectors Corner #33 – NCAA Collectibles & Bootleg Sports Jerseys

In this episode of Collectors Corner, Ron Barr and I talk about how the NCAA’s decision to allow student athletes to make money might impact sports collectibles. We also discuss the pros and cons of bootleg sports jerseys.

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Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

2 thoughts on “Collectors Corner #33 – NCAA Collectibles & Bootleg Sports Jerseys”

  1. Interesting once again.

    Thanks Sal!

    I have a question about exclusivity autograph deals – when Upper Deck signs a player to them, does that mean the player stops signing for fans outside the arena and team conventions, or are those exempt from such deals, usually, in your opinion?

    1. It depends on the deal, but it seems that — if the player is apt to sign autographs outside the arena, through the mail, or at team functions — that those situations are usually exempt. What you won’t see is a player making an exclusive deal with Upper Deck to autograph a bunch of basketballs, or photos, or pucks, or whatever, and then also appearing at a convention to do the same thing.

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