2010-11 Artifacts Box Break #5

Not too long ago, I bought two more boxes of 2010-11 Artifacts. Yes, I know that it is 2012, and that there is a 2011-12 Artifacts set. But I still really like last year’s set. I am missing numerous base cards, think the jersey cards in Artifacts are all right–and I plan on building the … Continue reading “2010-11 Artifacts Box Break #5”

2010-11 Artifacts Box Break

In a move completely out of character, I purchased a hobby box of 2010-11 Artifacts Hockey. Partly because I like the design and partly because I couldn’t find many quality vintage singles at the show I attendedon Saturday. Plus, I never buy any high-end boxes. I’m tired of watching from the sidelines, so I decided … Continue reading “2010-11 Artifacts Box Break”