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From physical artifacts like trading cards, action figures, and game-used sticks, to culture like books, movies, video games and memes, Puck Junk celebrates all things hockey.

Sal Barry

Sal Barry // Editor and Webmaster // Twitter: @PuckJunk
I started Puck Junk because I didn’t think anyone would give me a chance to write. I knew how to design and code websites, but was always secretly a wannabe journalist. That changed in 2007, when I decided to launch this website, first as a means to talk about my hockey collection, but later to write about more of hockey’s cultural aspects. Eventually, I got a degree in journalism and even started interviewing current and former players, growing Puck Junk beyond just another “sports card blog.” I hope you find it both fun and informative.

In addition to running this site, I work as a contributing writer for The Hockey News, Sports Collectors Digest and Beckett Hockey. I also co-host a weekly radio segment on Sports Byline USA called Collectors Corner.

If you have a question, would like to trade cards with me or want a chance to write for Puck Junk, please feel free to contact me via email: sjb AT puckjunk DOT com. Or, hit me up on Twitter @PuckJunk

Jim “Not the Goalie” Howard

Jim Howard // Senior Writer
On a cold morning in February 1978, the hockey world would experience a shift. Not from the recent tie between the Red Wings and the Atlanta Flames, nor the complete drubbing of of Cleveland Barons by the Buffalo Sabres; instead, Jim Howard was born into this world! Fast forward to 2014, and Sal gave this inexperienced, fledgling writer a shot with a story about the dimple-faced hockey Bieber, a misplaced city and the writer’s desire to see a mistake corrected. This would be the first shot across the bow in the war between Jim and Panini America!

When he’s not sitting in the nosebleeds of PNC Arena, cheering on his Carolina Hurricanes or tearing open packs of cards, Jim can be found putting miles on his bicycle, pounding out riffs on one of his guitars, or digging in the dirt as a field geologist to pay for season tickets to the Canes and buy more cards.

Tim Parish

Tim Parish // Writer-At-Large // Twitter: @TheRealDFG
Tim is a hockey nut and music aficionado who, despite a busy life, somehow still finds time for collecting. He’s been a sports card collector for over three decades and his collecting habits have evolved many times over the years. Tim has collected all the major sports, but has always come back to hockey and hockey card collecting. It’s a lifelong hobby, so he’s in no hurry and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Highly opinionated and never wrong, Tim’s world view of hockey is as keen as any talking head or insider on a major sports network; the only thing missing are the “unnamed sources.” Sarcasm is also his strong suit. You can find Tim and his warped ramblings on Twitter @TheRealDFG.

Blake Isaacs

Blake Isaacs // Columnist // Twitter: @bisaacs1995
An avid Detroit sports fan, Blake finally decided to put his knowledge to use and start writing about it. A journalistic rebel, he hates proofreading and most AP Style rules. With strong opinions on almost every subject, you can look forward to plenty of hot takes about the Red Wings rebuild and a love for all things Topps.

You can most likely find Blake checking stats or watching sports on his computer, because that’s all he can watch without cable. He cares more about Michigan State and his dog than he does about most other things. Follow Blake on Twitter @bisaacs1995


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Kyle Scully // Twitter @socal_scully

Travis Shaw // Twitter: @officialtshaw31

Rob Joncas //  Twitter: @RobJoncas

Larry Berman //  Twitter @PaigesFall

David Schauer // Twitter: @David_Schauer