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  1. Hello Mr. Puck Junk

    Greetings from the home of Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Drouin and the Memorial Cup Champion Halifax Mooseheads ! I happened across your site while doing a net surf for cards. Excellent site btw. I have been an avid collector for over 40 years. My faves are the late 60’s early 70’s OPC-Topps cards and sets. My fave player of all is Bobby Orr. I have a hockey sock full of #4’s stuff.
    I just had a real quick browse of your want lists. For example I have both FS-1 and FS-6 (Sanderson, Lemaire) from the 94-95 Parkhurst Tall Boys. Think if I dig through my piles, boxes, binders and crates I could also help you out with the early 90’s JR stuff you are looking for from Bowman etc.
    Anyway, just thought I’d say hello. Again, I loved your site and happy collecting!



    1. Thanks for checking out my site, and thanks for the compliments. Maybe we can work out a trade of some sort.

    2. Sure thing ! Give me a day or so to study your want list more carefully and pull out what I have. I’ll have to check your trade list also to see if you have things I need. I know off the top of my head I have a lot of doubles, triples, quads of 69-70, 70-71,71-72, 72-73,73-74,74-75, and 75-76 OPC

      1. I am trying to build OPC sets from 1968-69 to 1972-73. I also need every card from 1975-76, but probably don’t have a heck of a lot of good stuff to trade you for them.

        Feel free to email me at

        sjb AT puckjunk DOT com

  2. Hello,
    I have four 1963 Parkhurst traders you might be interested in
    #17 Frank Mahovlich Excellent condition
    #23 Henri Richard Graded KSA 6.5
    #88 Bernard Geoffrion Near Mint+
    #91 Terry Harper (rookie card) Near Mint

  3. Hey sal this is unreal how exciting it is to find someone that shares the same passion as me , except it am only 14, And live in B.C.
    Now I was reading up on your trading program would this cost me any money . Please reply A.S.A.P
    (Ps I love your monthly HN write ups.)

    1. Trading program? I’m not sure what you mean, but from time to time I do trade with other collectors. Usually, each person trading cards has to spend money to send cards to the other person, if that makes sense.

    1. Not sure when my next contest will be. I haven’t had time lately to write a lot for this site, but hopefully I will think of a cool contest early next year.

  4. Hello,

    I’m not sure if you received my email from yesterday. I’m the guy hoping you will share the Blades of Steel vector logo. I’m hoping to get the jerseys done by game time tomorrow night (first game of new session). Could you let me know if you receive this when you have a moment, please…


  5. hey there, love the site, really liked the denis savard as a nordique card, wondering if you have done more of htese type of cardsas they seem hard to find on your site, love all the old wha teams and really like homemade cards of those players, also had a ‘missing” card that used to drive me crazy, remember bryan hextall? he had cards for the pens every year he played then they skip a year 9 where he played a full season on the flames) then went back to doing cards of him as a north star, made no sense to me then or now! anyways great work keep it up

    1. If you go to…

      Hockey Cards > Custom Cards,


      Hockey Cards > The Lost Cards

      …you will see more of the homemade cards I created.

  6. hey..i read the piece on the fake gretzky ‘Indianapolis racers’ card..i have that one in mint condition, is it worth anything?

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