Pro Women’s Hockey Cards Are Here

The First 8 PWHL Cards Now Available via ePack

As the Professional Women’s Hockey League was winding down its inaugural season, Upper Deck released the first-ever physical trading cards for the PWHL. While Upper Deck did release eight digital trading cards of PWHL players back in March, these new cards are actual, legit trading cards that will be printed and shipped to collectors. Continue reading “Pro Women’s Hockey Cards Are Here”

Should Upper Deck Change Its Redemption Policy?

Topps Changed Its Policy. Will UD Follow Suit?

Late last month, the Topps Trading Card Company announced that all redemption cards will now be valid for 10 years from the date of issue. This extends back to include redemption cards that were issued in 2021-22 products.

Normally, a redemption card – a little cardboard “I.O.U.” that promises the collector a premium card – would expire after two years or so. This would take the luster off of buying sealed products that were more than two years old. Sure, you might get a rookie card of a player that is now a superstar…or you might get an expired redemption card for an autograph of that same rookie that was now worthless. 

What this move does for Topps is increase desirability in both old and new card products. We all dislike getting redemption cards – but it is nice to know that if we buy a product from 2021 in 2024 that the redemption card is still worth something.

Of course, Topps does not make hockey cards, but Upper Deck does. So, will Upper Deck keep up with its main rival and also extend the window of its own redemption cards?

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Tim’s Take: Shoresy, the Modern-Day Slap Shot

I’m admittedly late to the Letterkenny party as for quite a while; it wasn’t available on any of the services that I had. Once I was finally able to watch, I clearly saw what all the hype was about. But as much as I enjoyed that series, I have enjoyed it’s spinoff series even more. If you are a hockey fan, hockey player, grew up around the rinks, or just like really well put together shows, you may want to give Shoresy a look.

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Clemente’s Corner: Hockey Collectors Should Make a ‘Pitt’ Stop to Learn Penguins History

Take a stroll through downtown Pittsburgh and there’s a lot of American history to take in. The second-most populous city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia – known both as “Steel City” for its role in that industry and the “City of Bridges” for its 446 spans – has also plenty of sports history.

Aside from the Steelers and Pirates (sorry football and baseball fans), the Penguins could very well be the team that has left the deepest impression on the city. In fact, the Penguins have also played a vital role in the history of the NHL, especially since Mario Lemieux was drafted by the team in 1984.

Over the next 40 years, the team has made the playoffs 28 times and lifted the Stanley Cup in 1991, 1992, 2009, 2016 and 2017. In the process, fans got to delight in the scoring heroics of Lemieux, then Jaromir Jagr and later Sidney Crosby.

Those five championships – proudly displayed on the façade of PPG Paints Arena – are part of the city’s iconic downtown. But the streets around the arena – usually bustling with fans – are empty these days. The Penguins, for the second straight season, failed to make the postseason.

My travels took me to Pittsburgh last month just as the playoffs got underway. Instead of taking in a game, I went on a search for – what else? – Penguins memorabilia. Continue reading “Clemente’s Corner: Hockey Collectors Should Make a ‘Pitt’ Stop to Learn Penguins History”

Despite Issues, Connor Bedard Game-Used Jersey Fetches $37K

When Exactly Was It Worn? And Why Frame It?

By Sean Sullivan

Connor Bedard mania has run wild throughout the hockey-collecting community this season, and on April 18, the game-worn jersey collecting segment joined in on the fun – but not without some controversy. Continue reading “Despite Issues, Connor Bedard Game-Used Jersey Fetches $37K”

The Case of the Unpaid O-Pee-Chee Case

Hey Buddy – Can You Cancel My $3.72M Winning Bid?

Back in February, you may recall that a full 16-box case of 1979-80 O-Pee-Chee Hockey cards sold for $3.72 million at Heritage Auctions. The case may potentially have as many as 25 Wayne Gretzky rookie cards inside that presumably would get high grades. 

Well, the winning bidder still has not paid in full for the case – and he no longer wants it. 

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2024 National Hockey Card Day is This Saturday

Get Free Hockey Cards from Your Local Card Shop.

Considering how hard it has been to buy almost any recent hockey card products, the idea of actually getting some 2024 hockey cards in 2024 – for free, no less! – is exciting! 

This Saturday – April 13 – is National Hockey Card Day in the U.S., in Canada, and in even some other countries around the world. Fans who visit a participating card shop can get a free, exclusive pack of National Hockey Card Day 2024 cards, made by Upper Deck. Continue reading “2024 National Hockey Card Day is This Saturday”

High-End Connor Bedard Cards Are Finally Here

2023-24 SP Game Used Gives Us First Bedard RPAs.

Last week, the 2023-24 SP Game Used Hockey set hit hobby shops and shipped from online retailers.

While several Connor Bedard autographed cards were issued in Upper Deck Series Two, this year’s SP Game Used set has his first truly high-end rookie cards, such as rookie patch autographs (RPAs), and autographed letter mark cards. 

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Clemente’s Corner: Rookies You Should Collect Besides Connor Bedard

Say the word “rookie” and the name Connor Bedard instantly comes to mind. It’s a reflex. None of us can help.

While the Chicago Blackhawks center may very well be on his way to taking the Calder Trophy, there are other rookies – even sleeper ones – that may be worth gobbling up now given that the majority of people are so laser-focused on acquiring Bedard.

Players like Luke Hughes of the New Jersey Devils and Leo Carlsson of the Anaheim Ducks have lived up to the preseason hype, although both have been overshadowed by Bedard mania. Both Hughes and Carlsson remain in the mix – although they are longshots – to capture the Calder.

Instead, here are five NHL rookies from this season (not named Bedard) who remain under the radar and worth chasing:   

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