Blake’s Takes: Milestone Watch

Last week, we saw two of the game’s best players reach tremendous milestones. We also saw a milestone reached off the ice. And, as is tradition this season, another team in the hunt for the playoffs fired their coach. Read all about it below!

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Review: Panini Missing Sticker Service

If you ever collected a Panini sticker set than you’d probably understand the frustration of getting close to completing a set but falling a few stickers short. With an apparent ever- expanding checklist each season and introduction of more foil stickers created plenty of headaches for set builders.

The usual choices for set completion would include binge buying packs, which would prove to be a costly endeavor and leave you with plenty of extras, trying to find a trading partner via websites such as or a similar site.

Maybe the easiest solution for completing a set was right at our fingertips at Panini’s Online Store.

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The Best Twitter Clapbacks at Brad Marchand’s Shootout Whiff

On Monday, the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Boston Bruins 6-5 in a game that came down to literally the last shot. Travis Konecky, shooting second-to-last, scored in the fifth round of the shootout. Then it was Brad Marchand’s turn for his shot. Only, he forgot to take the puck with him.

Marchand overskated the puck, and the Flyers won the game. This was after the Bruins blew a 5-2 lead, making Marchand’s mistake even more epic. He is the first player since the shootout was instituted in 2005 to overskate the puck on a shootout attempt.

“I was just trying to get going and just missed it,” Marchand told “I know the rule, you touch it on a penalty shot, it’s your shot. Unfortunate. It’s a tough way to lose on a play like that.”

But on Tuesday, Marchand — instead of showing a little bit of humility, or even taking a joke like he is sometimes willing to do — decided to tweet a photo of himself hoisting the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Of course, the peanut gallery that is Hockey Twitter had to get involved and razz the Rat.

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Blake’s Takes: The Battle of Alberta

In this edition of Blake’s Takes, I’ll share my thoughts on the latest chapter in the Battle of Alberta and chaos that ensured last weekend. There was a goalie goal last week — and I can’t ignore that. I’ll take a look at why I think Auston Matthews is the NHL’s coolest player.

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Do You Know What You’re Missing On E-Pack?

Do you know that feeling you get when all you want to do is open some packs? But it’s late in the day, or there are no card stores nearby. How would you like to open packs, boxes or even cases of hockey cards no matter where you are, no matter what time of day it is, while also being able to chat and trade with fellow hockey collectors?

With the evolution of online shopping and e-commerce over the past few years, it was only a matter of time until the sports card industry caught on to the “buy stuff in my pajamas” concept. Upper Deck’s e-PACK sports and entertainment platform provides collectors the ability to do just that and even more.

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Blake’s Takes: I Love Honey Butter Chicken

I swear every time I delay my column by a day all hell breaks loose. Thankfully, that’s a good thing. For this week’s takes, I’ll walk you through my trip to the United Center when I watched my Red Wings lose to the Blackhawks. I’ll also cover the World Junior Championships and take a look at how the Dallas Stars are the league’s most unlucky franchise.

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Puck Junk’s Top Articles of 2019

It’s the end of the year as we know it — and I feel fine! As 2019 winds down to a close, I’d like to share Puck Junk’s most-read articles from 2019. So, even though Every 1990-91 Hockey Card Set Ranked had the most page views on this site in 2019, it was published three years ago and does not count for this list. But I do make exceptions and count articles published really late in 2018 as 2019 articles.

Remember, if you haven’t read any of these, then they’re new to you. So, take a look and see which gems you may have missed in 2019.

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Blake’s Takes: All-Stars and World Juniors

The takes are hot this week. We’re in the midst of the World Juniors and there have been plenty of storylines from the tournament thus far. The All-Star Game rosters were just released and I have a lot to say about that. I’ll also take a look at another gem of a press conference by the one and only John Tortorella.

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Blake’s Takes: Hall Moves to Phoenix for the Holidays

Happy third night of Hannukkah and merry Christmas Eve. This edition of Blake’s Takes won’t be very festive, but it will have some interesting content. Last week was a busy week in the NHL. Taylor Hall was finally moved and Ilya Kovalchuk is now a free agent! I’ll also highlight a breakout performer and take a closer look at one of my favorite plays of the week.

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Blake’s Takes: Lots of Depression

This week in hockey was much calmer than the last few. Sadly, most of the news that was reported was negative and a bit depressing.  But, I’ll still highlight one of the more surprising starts of a player on one of the league’s worst teams. Let me know what you think!

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