Connor McDavid is For Real!

McJesus Went from Zero to Hero in a Hurry

In last week’s newsletter, I mentioned how stellar Panthers’ goalie Sergei Bobrovsky was through the first two games of the Stanley Cup Final. He allowed just one goal in the first two games, leading the Panthers to a 2-0 series lead. The Panthers also won Game 3 and looked poised to sweep the series.

Meanwhile, Oilers captain Connor McDavid was all but absent, scoring one assist in Game 2 and two assists in Game 3 in two losing efforts. 

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Why I Want the Edmonton Oilers to Win the Stanley Cup

We All Want to See McDavid Win It Sooner Than Later, Right? 

This Saturday is Game One of the 2024 Stanley Cup Final between the Edmonton Oilers and the Florida Panthers – and I’ll admit that I want the Oilers to win the Cup. 

Not because I want to see a Canadian team win the Stanley Cup for the first time in 31 years. I could care less about that. Continue reading “Why I Want the Edmonton Oilers to Win the Stanley Cup”

Snap Shots: Backup Goalies in the Spotlight

We are in the midst of the first round of the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. In this week’s Snap Shots column, we will look at some of the goalies who have been thrust into the spotlight due to injuries, the Kings making a comeback after getting clobbered in two straight games, and a scary incident where an off-ice official was hurt. Plus, Evander Kane’s career turnaround and the NHL Draft Lottery odds. 

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Snap Shots: Brad Marchand Becomes Most-Suspended Player in NHL History

Happy Valentines Day, beloved readers! The NHL was back to business as usual last week. Coaches were hired. Coaches were fired. There was a retirement, a suspension, and an announcement of a — shall we say unorthodox — arrangement between a team and an arena. It’s all covered in this week’s Snap Shots

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Snap Shots: Keith Yandle Sets Iron Man Record

This week, a record was broken, a legend was honored, and a mascot made their debut. Plus, the Sabres ran out of goalies! It’s all in this edition of Snap Shots

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Snap Shots: Bruins Honor Willie O’Ree

Good morning and welcome to Snap Shots. This week, we’ll take a look at two players who had their numbers retired, a pay bump for hockey players, and a “pissing match” between an NHLer and a journalist.

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Snap Shots: Kraken Fan Saves Canucks’ Equipment Manager’s Life

Happy Monday! This week, I want to take a look at a big story that made the rounds early last week, when a quick-thinking Seattle Kraken fan helped save a Vancouver Canucks’ assistant equipment manager’s life. We will also take a look at an awesome goal, a new “rookie” record that was set, and the potential end of a solid NHL career. Plus, COVID-19 continues to ruin hockey.  

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Blake’s Takes: Ben Bishop’s Career Has Come to an End

Last week was a great week for milestones and great plays. Four out of five of this week’s takes are from those two categories. The last take is rather sad; it’s about Ben Bishop and an injury that will cost him the rest of his playing career.

I won’t keep everyone down in the dumps for too long. It’s the holiday season and there is still a lot of hockey to be played.

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Blake’s Takes: Coaches and GMs Ousted

Last week wasn’t kind to coaches and GMs around the league, as two of them are out of a job. I’ll share my thoughts on those two vacancies. More importantly, I’ll shed some light on two of my favorite positive storylines around the NHL and share a video that should provide you all with some laughs.

Happy Monday!

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