Puck Junk Podcast: 2022-23 MVP Hockey Cards

Plus: Buoy, the Kraken Mascot! 
Episode #131 – October 6, 2022

Sal Barry and Tim Parish talk all about the new 2022-23 Upper Deck MVP set — the first hockey cards for the 2022-23 season. They also discuss the Seattle Kraken’s new mascot, Buoy. Plus, a look back at the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the USSR, digitally-enhanced dasher boards, the St. Louis Blues Hall of Fame, and more! It’s 81 minutes of hockey goodness. 

Show Notes and Links
Oh, ‘Buoy!’ Mascot Reveal! (NHL.com)
1972: The Series that Changed Hockey Forever (Simon & Schuster Canada)
NHL to Debut Digitally Enhanced Dasherboards (ESPN)
Introducing the St. Louis Blues Hall of Fame (NHL.com)
Fake Dallas Stars Patch Cards (Twitter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
1986 McDonald’s Football Cards (Sports Collectors Digest)
Sal’s Favorite Chris Chelios Jersey Card (Twitter)
Here are some images from 2022-23 MVP Hockey:

2022-23 MVP base card

Card backs do NOT have any statistics on them

Ice Battles parallel

Silver Scripts parallel

Short Printed Rookie Card

Domains insert

Encounters on Ice insert

Pinpoints insert (Silver)

Pinpoints insert (Gold)

20th Anniversary insert

20th Anniversary Colors and Contours insert 

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Podcast music by Jim “Not the Goalie” Howard (Instagram @flyingV2112)

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Review: 2021-22 Seattle Kraken Box Set

Release the Kraken Hockey Cards!!!

The Seattle Kraken hit the ice as the NHL’s newest team last fall. But despite the interest in all things Kraken, Upper Deck was slow in releasing hockey cards of Kraken players. Oh  sure, there was that ONE Kraken card of Philipp Grubauer in the 2022 National Hockey Card Day USA set. There was also ONE Kraken card — a rookie card! — of Kole Lind in the 2021-22 Parkhurst set…but it actually pictures Nathan Bastian. Whoops! Finally, a handful of Kraken were included in Upper Deck Series Two. 

Chris Driedger

But just as the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals were coming to a close, Upper Deck released the Seattle Kraken Commemorative Box Set, which contains 35 cards and includes many of the players who took to the ice in the Kraken’s inaugural campaign. 

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Puck Junk Podcast: Remembering Mike Bossy

Plus: The NHLPA Internal Investigation 
Episode #116: April 21, 2022

In the newest Puck Junk Hockey Podcast, Sal Barry and Tim Parish talk about the career of the late Mike Bossy, including his numerous career accomplishments, and some of his most-notable hockey cards. They also discuss the NHLPA’s internal investigation on its mishandling of the Kyle Beach Case, the retirement of Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley, a look back at Wayne Gretzky’s last game, and new hockey cards. 

Click to enlarge graphic to see Tim and Sal’s favorite Mike Bossy cards.

Show Notes and Links:
Career in Cards: Mike Bossy (Puck Junk)
The NHLPA Report Regarding Union’s Response to Kyle Beach (PDF
Why Blackhawks Loaned Kyle Beach to a Team in Sweden (Third Man In)
Pat Foley’s Legendary “Bannerman!” Call (Video)
NHL Network Opens Upper Deck Hockey Cards (Video)
Marshawn Lynch Drives the Seattle Kraken Zamboni (Video)
Wayne Gretzky Final Game Last Moments (Video)

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Podcast opening and closing music by Jim “Not the Goalie” Howard.

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Snap Shots: More Stats & Milestones

It was another busy week in the NHL, as the league unveiled a new stat, two players hit the 1,000-game mark and the Blue Jackets retired a number for the first time in the team’s 22-year history. Plus, the IIHF took a stance on Russia’s participation in future ice hockey tournaments. 

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Snap Shots: Kraken Fan Saves Canucks’ Equipment Manager’s Life

Happy Monday! This week, I want to take a look at a big story that made the rounds early last week, when a quick-thinking Seattle Kraken fan helped save a Vancouver Canucks’ assistant equipment manager’s life. We will also take a look at an awesome goal, a new “rookie” record that was set, and the potential end of a solid NHL career. Plus, COVID-19 continues to ruin hockey.  

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Blake’s Takes: The 2021-22 Season is Underway

The 2021-22 NHL season has officially begun. It’s been an exciting first week. The Seattle Kraken took the ice for the very first time as an NHL team. NHL GMs decided to get some last-minute work in signing a few massive extensions, too. So many extensions in fact I won’t be able to get to all of them this week. I will provide my two cents on the Kraken, one extension, as well as a few other notable stories around the NHL.

Happy Monday!

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Blake’s Takes: Offseason Madness Continues

The second wave of offseason craziness was just as hectic as the first. Massive contracts were signed across the league. There were also a few blockbuster trades that involved the games’ best players.

In this week’s column, I’ll give my two cents on some of my favorite transactions from the last week or so. I’ll also talk about some of my favorite puck junk I acquired over the last week.

Happy Monday!

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Blake’s Takes: Offseason Frenzy Begins

What a week in the NHL! Just in the past week, the Kraken solidified their roster during the expansion draft, the NHL Entry Draft took place, and there was a bevy of trades and free-agent signings. There’s no way I’ll be able to cover everything this time, so I’ll make sure I cover everything that happened this week over the next few weeks.

Happy Monday!

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Blake’s Takes: Welcome to the Offseason

Barely a week after the Lightning hoisted the Stanley Cup, the offseason has entered full swing. The expansion draft is on Wednesday, and the Kraken have an exclusive negotiating window with all UFAs until then.

In this week’s column, I’ll share my thoughts on who could suit up for the Kraken this fall, a number of high-profile offseason moves, and one notable retirement. 

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Blake’s Takes: Stanley Cup Final Set

The Stanley Cup Finals are set. The defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning will square off against the underdog Montreal Canadiens. I’m excited to watch such an interesting matchup. If Tampa Bay wins, they’ll be the first team since 2017 to win back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships. If Montreal wins, they’ll be the first Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup since they did it back in 1993. Game One is tonight. Buckle your seatbelts. 

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