Review: 1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks team set

Nice portrait photographs make this set a winner

1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks - Denis SavardReleased during the 1986-87 season, this Chicago Blackhawks team-issued set was sponsored by Coca-Cola. Twenty-four close-up portraits comprise the set, making these cards ideal for both identifying players or for getting autographed.

Player selection 5 out of 5
Since only players (and no coaches) are featured, the selection is very good. You pretty much get the entire ‘Hawkls lineup from that year, including All-Stars Denis Savard, Steve Larmer and Doug Wilson, as well as many lesser known players from that season.

1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks - Stever LarmerCard design 2 out of 5
There’s really not much design here to speak of. And you know what – that’s OK. The cards are a larger size – 3 1/2″ by 6 1/2″ inches – and feature large close-up portrait shots of each player. I always found these cards helpful in identifying the players, as most other pictures (from other trading cards, calendars, etc.) show the players wearing their helmets. Except for Doug Wilson, who never wore a helmet. He was always easy to recognize.

1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks - Doug WilsonStats & info n/a
Since the backs are blank, there’s not much in the way of statistics. But at the bottom of the card we get the players’ basics: position, height, weight, birth date, hometown, and whether they are a left or right handed shot. We also get not one – but two -Coke logos. I guess that was done to keep the cards somewhat symmetrical, because two of the same sponsor logos is otherwise quite redundant.

Rating 4 out of 5A great set if you are a fan of the Blackhawks – especially from that era. While the design of the cards is lackluster, it works well with the portrait photographs.

Here are a few random and interesting facts about this set:

1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks - Behn WilsonEnforcer Behn Wilson has a card in this set, even though he missed the entire season with a back injury.

1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks - Dave Manson 1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks - Marc Bergevin

Dave Manson and Marc Bergevin appear in this set – a good three seasons before either of them would get true rookie cards.

1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks - Mike StapletonTopping that, Mike Stapleton is also in this set. He would not get a “real” RC until 1993-1994 Score Series 2. Stapleton was a regular with the Blackhawks for two years, but then spent five seasons in the minors. He would eventually become a regular again in the NHL in 1992 with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and then go on to play in the NHL for several other teams until 2001.

Twelve of the players are wearing their white jerseys, while the other twelve are wearing their red jerseys.

1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks - Darryl SutterThe players are wearing their own jerseys – as evidenced by the numbers on their sleeves, and the captain’s “C” on Darryl Sutter‘s sweater. In later releases, the players would be photographed in plain, numberless white Blackhawks jerseys.

24 card set
Card Size: 3 1/2″ wide x 6 1/2″ tall
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