Bobby Hull, Superstar

1982 Superstar card #75 – Bobby Hull

1982 Superstar card #75 - Bobby HullAt the Chicago Blackhawks Convention this July, I found this oddball Bobby Hull card that seemed to be some sort of unlicensed issue. It is printed on thin stock and uses a very grainy photograph. You would think that maybe some guy made this in his basement 20 years ago when hockey cards started to become popular. However, this was from an actual 45-card set of, ahem, superstar players from different sports. Allegedly, a company named Card Collectors Closet in Springfield, MA released them. The first series from 1980 had yellow borders, while the second series from 1982 had red borders. Besides Hull, the only other hockey players to appear in the 45-card second series are Gordie Howe, Rod Gilbert and Bobby Orr.

The front of this flimsy card shows a black and white photograph of Hull from his playing days with the Chicago Black Hawks (the team name was two words until 1986). The photo is poorly cropped, perhaps in an effort to hide Hull’s receding hairline. The photo also appears to be taken directly from a newspaper, as the half-toning “dots” are quite visible. You can almost smell the lousy production values. And notice the little star between the E and R at the top. Kind of cute, in a “my kid made this” sort of way.

Adding to the gaudiness is the word “SUPERSTAR” in a blue Comic Sans MS-type font. That is, after all, the name of this card set. Of course, when I hear the word “Superstar”, I immediately think of this movie…

Superstar…followed by this one:

Jesus Christ SuperstarThe card back is plain ol’ black text on a white background. It tells us a bit about Bobby Hull.

The “Golden Jet” broke the 1944-45 record of Maurice “Rocket” Richard for most goals in a season. This became a reality on March 12th, 1966 when he shot the puck past Ranger goaltender Cesare Maniago at the Chicago Stadium. Bedlam broke out as the fans went crazy showering the ice with hats and some foreign objects.

Bobby recorded 604 N.H.L. goals before joining the World Hockey Association. Amongst his N.H.L. Awards were MVP, 1965 and 1966, leading scorer ’60, ’62, and ’66 and Lady Byng Trophy winner 1965.

Any spelling or punctuation errors are from the card, and not my mediocre typing.

1982 Superstar card #75 - Bobby HullNo company name or licensing information is visible on the card, leading me to believe that Collectors Closet did not get the licensing rights from any players, teams or leagues. You can find most cards from this set from $1 to $5.


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  1. Not sure if you are still around but Thank you so much for the info on this card as I received this card free and had no idea who made it.Any idea where i can find a list of all 45 cards?

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