2008-09 Blackhawks Intro Video

The past few years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the intro video shown before each Chicago Blackhawks home game. Though it changes somewhat each season, the story is basically the same: a villainous, black-clad hockey team is taken on by the Chicago Blackhawks on the frozen streets of Chicago. The 2008-09 video was, hands-down, my favorite.

Is that awesome or what? Here are some things to notice if you watch it again:

– The evil team defacing the ‘Hawks banner (0:15)
– Captain Jonathan Toews casting a watchful eye over “his” city (0:20)
Brent Sopel totally blindsiding that guy (0:30)
Adam Burish dropping the gloves to protect Brian Campbell (0:44)
Dustin Byfuglien charging across the Michigan Ave. bridge (0:55)
Toews smashing the sign at Wrigley Field (1:18)
Martin Havlat jumping over the tracks as a train approaches (1:59)

Ironically, the low point of the video are the actual game highlights (1:32 to 1:53) spiced in towards the end. Hockey is so much cooler when you play on frozen streets and have to avoid being hit by cars and trains.

FYI, there is a slightly different version of this video that shows soon-to-be-replaced coach Denis Savard towards the end, as well as Patrick Kane celebrating his goal at the very end.

EDIT: I just now realized why I like this ‘Hawks intro video so much. In many ways, it is reminiscent of the intro for Batman: The Animated Series. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean.


Author: Sal Barry

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