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1979-80 Topps card #147 – Peter Marsh

1979-80 Topps card #147 - Peter MarshThis card is a winner on two counts. Normally, a bad paint job would be enough to merit Card of the Week status. But what drives this one home is that wonderful helmet-o-hair atop Peter Marsh‘s head.

Marsh spent the 1978-79 season with the Cincinnati Stingers of the World Hockey Association. The following year, when the WHA merged with the NHL, he ended up on the Winnipeg Jets. Much like the NHL hastily glosses over the WHA’s existence, Marsh’s Stingers jersey was hastily painted over in this photo. The first problem is that the colors don’t match those of any NHL team, particularly the collar. Secondly, the jersey looks about three sizes too big. Notice the shadows around the neckline, as if the jersey is floating over his shoulders instead of resting upon them.

1979-80 Topps card #147 – Peter MarshMore important than what is on his shoulders, though, is what is on his head. That hair! Marsh looks less like a hockey player and more like an actor playing a peasant in a bad Renaissance Faire (“My Lord! The Nordiques have laid siege to thy castle!”). The cloak-like jersey only adds to this allusion.

A shame that Marsh wore a helmet that covered up his fantastic “do.” That reminds me of a satirical commercial that solved this problem. Enjoy!


Author: Sal Barry

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2 thoughts on “Hair Helmet”

  1. That reminds me of a show I watch called Flight of the Concords. One of the characters created a bike helmet that is supposed to look like hair.

    Good stuff!

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