2009-10 Champ’s Hockey box break #2

(Can you find the hockey player on this box? What about the sailboat? No? Keep looking…)

On Monday, I posted my first box break of 2009-10 Champ’s Hockey, as well as some general info about the product. Read that post before continuing this one. I’ll wait…

Done? Good. Let’s see what I got in my 2nd box of CHAAAAMMMMPPPP’S:

49 base cards.

Out of 98 possible cards between the 2 boxes I bought, only 8 were doubles. Still wish that 2 boxes would have merited me 1 complete base set (1-100), so I can get on with my life. Either way, I enjoy the abundance of oldschool players like Mario Lemieux here.

5 light blue parallel cards

Yep, enjoying the oldschool players…but not all the stupid variants.

2 orange parallel cards

Hey Roy, where’s Sigfried?

1 yellow parallel card

Each of these stupid parallels could have instead been a base card that would have completed my set.

17 mini cards

It would take you 12 boxes of Total Champ’s to get 192 mini cards.

1 “red back” mini parallel – Same as a standard mini card, but the ink on the back is red instead of black. Not even going to waste my time scanning such a stupid variation.

5 mini rookies

5 rookies per box IS depressing. That’s one for every 4 packs.

6 Natural History

Give me that Fillet-O-Fish…give me that fish!!!

3 Historical Figures

Now Canadian kids can learn about U.S. Presidents, and U.S. kids can learn about Canadian Prime Ministers. Who says hockey cards can’t be educational.

1 Wonders of the World

Oh great….the Great Pyramids.I remember hearing that there were 7 wonders of the world, but somehow Upper Deck managed to make this “Wonders” set 28 cards. Are there really 28 wondrous things?

All right, then. Let’s check out those hits!

Mini Jersey – Patrick Sharp

SHARPIE! A red swatch of a Blackahwks player. Being a ‘Hawks fan, I can’t complain about this one.

Mini Jersey – Jordan Staal

Yes! A black swatch of a star NHL player. Another awesome card…er, that is if you like jersey cards.

Mini Jersey – Steve Shutt

Hey, waitaminute….why did I get 3 jersey cards? Well, you get four “hits” per box, at least 1 being an autograph. My previous box had 2 ‘graphs and 2 jersey cards. Shutt is in the Hall of Fame, but the swatch is white–that looks a bit garish against the beige-colored card.

Mini Autograph – Tim Kennedy

Ugh! What’s with all the autographs of noobs? After playing in 1 NHL game during the 2008-09 season, Kennedy is currently a regular with the Buffalo Sabres. At least it isn’t a card of some guy who’s now playing in Europe.

After opening two boxes, it seems that the jersey cards are pretty top-notch, while the autographs are mediocre. Of course, two boxes (8 “hits” total) might NOT be a large enough sample to make such an assessment. Perhaps I’ll purchase another box, but only because I really want to get one of those one-per-case prehistoric artifacts cards like I did last year.

If you are a causal card collector, you might just want to try to pick up a base set on eBay or at a show. The mini cards–including the Historical Figures and Rookies–are another story. Getting all of those will take a lot of work–and money.

Anyone collecting these? If so, let’s trade. Check out my Want List and Trade List.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

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