2010 Blackhawks Convention – Passes

On Thursday, I received my passes to the third annual Chicago Blackhawks Convention–a full 8 days before the convention starts. Last year, I got the passes barely 2 days before the convention started. Of course, the team’s last-minute mailing practices last summer cost Dale Tallon his job.

Anyway, here is what the front of the pass looks like. As you can see, it has a large shiny object on it.

Yup, they put a HOLOGRAM sticker in the upper right corner. It really makes the pass feel both classy and official.

The back of the pass features a nice group photo, where the team seems to be celebrating some sort of joyous occasion.

Though if I was as cool as a certain Transformer, then I wouldn’t need any passes.

I also got this “letter” from team captain Jonathan Toews:

Wow, he put my name in ALL CAPS…I must be important.

This other note was enclosed, which mentions the “new wristband policy” for acquiring autographs. According to the Blackhawks’ website, this will in theory make it easier to get autographs. Which means that in practice it will make it harder to get autographs.

The Blackhakws Convention is July 30 to August 1, 2010. Like the past 2 years, I will post photos and videos from the convention, along with a day-by-day recap. Stay tuned.


Author: Sal Barry

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