Fantasy Draft Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2011 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft on Friday night. The players seemed to enjoy the aspect of picking teams, and emcee James Duthie was a fun host.

Anyway, here are a few random thoughtsabout the Draft:

Cam Ward was taken first overall by Carolina teammate and Team Staal captain Eric Staal. Ward almost could not keep a straight face when he explained to Duthie that “They [Team Staal] took the best player available.”

Photo not available – Artist’s conception of “the splitting of the Sedins.”

The Sedin Twins will be on separate teams for the first time in their lives!  Daniel went 5th overall to Team Staal, and Henrik went 6th to Team Lindstrom. Rubbing it in, Daniel pointed out that he also got picked before his brother in the Entry Draft in 1999. Henrik retorted that “[Team Lindstrom] took the better twin.”

James Duthie on Tim Thomas: “You know you’re old when you were drafted by a team that no longer exists.” Thomas was drafted in 1994 by the Quebec Nordiques.

Hopefully, Dustin Byfuglien gets to play forward in the All-Star Game. It would be like old times, seeing Big Buff, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toewstogether again on the same line.

Jonas Hiller wore these totally dorky glasses at the draft

Maybe that’s why he was the last goalie taken?

Speaking of last, Phil Kessel got picked dead last, but got a car! Seriously. He got a new Honda for being the last guy picked–maybe so his feelings weren’t too hurt? Come on, this is the NHL. Don’t give us any of that “everybody gets a trophy” nonsense. I can’t wait to hear what Mike Milbury has to say about this.

Winning a car for being the last guy picked was dumb, but everything else about the Draft was a lot of fun. I hope the NHL continues this format next year–maybe with goalies as the captains–and I hope that Saturday night’s Skills competition is just as entertaining.


Author: Sal Barry

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