These Angels Don’t Fly

1978-79 St. Louis Blues Postcards – Blue Angels

1978-79 St. Louis Blues Postcards - Blue AngelsThe name “Blue Angels” conjures up images of the U.S. Navy’s aerial acrobatics team, flying their jet fighter planes at breakneck speed through the sky at your local air and water show. But in the 1970s, the St. Louis Blues had a cheerleading squad by the same name.

What these Blue Angels lacked in flying ability they made up for in team spirit. Between periods of a Blues home game, they would perform their routines on a platform set up at one end of the rink1. I’m sure they would probably also shout something along the lines of “Go Blues!” or “Give me an F! Give me an E!” until they spelled out “FEDERKO!”

This postcard – released as a part of the 1978-79 St. Louis Blues team postcard set – probably caused some controversy with all the bare flesh the ladies show. Little Johnny came to the hockey game to see the Blues, not this. Personally, I like a girl who’s not afraid to show a little kneecap.

Scant information is offered on the back, other than that the Blue Angels are “Hockey’s First.”

1978-79 St. Louis Blues Postcards - Blue AngelsWow. They don’t even get a complete sentence on the back, like “Hockey’s First Cheerleaders,” or a mention of how it’s their job to make sure the 3,000 fans in attendance are cheering on their Blues.

But the worst thing is that the card doesn’t bother to list the names of the 15 Blue Angels, despite all the room on the back. Now we will never know the true names of “Hockey’s First,” though it is safe to assume that there was probably one “Candy,” “Missy,” or “Debbie.” This was the 1970s, after all.

1 – The St. Louis Arena:


Author: Sal Barry

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6 thoughts on “These Angels Don’t Fly”

  1. I believe I may be able to list the names of the (16) St. Louis Blues ‘Angels” Hockey Cheerleaders from 1978 – 79:

    Sherry Beck – Linda Bieber – Janie Boyer – Cindy Bjerkstrand – Rita Burlison –
    Priscilla Case – Debbie DeHaus – Vicki Forbes – Nancye Hackney –
    Melody Hinkle – Susan Mackinaw – Pam Martin – Thelma Ruck –
    Darla Stadler – Claire Taylor – Carolyn Weber

    Yes, we were the first cheerleading squad in the National Hockey League. What FUN WE HAD…especially with Ernie Hayes at the organ providing our music. When Ernie Hayes played “Macho Man” the crowd went WILD as we jumped into our routine. We had a special stage built at one end of the arena for us to provide the entertainment during the breaks and between periods. Promotional appearances were included as a “Blue Angels” requirement. The “Checkerdome” was a happening place at the time.
    Pam Willenbring was the St. Louis Blues PR Assistant & in charge of the “Blues Angels.” The Kid Team: Federko – Sutter & Babych was a favorite among the fans. I often wonder, how many of the cheerleaders are alive today.
    Sal, I have a PR picture from my St. Louis Blue’s days on my Facebook Wall, and much more on my Facebook Albums. If you would like to friend request me. I would be more than happy to share the history of the Blue angels thru the posted pictures. Thank you for bringing us to everyone’s attention after 36 years.

    1. Nancye,

      Thank you for the comment, and for revealing the names of the Blue Angels. Looks like I was right about there being a “Debbie” on the team, but alas no “Candy” or “Missy” 🙂

      It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I remember the Chicago Wolves minor league team had a cheerleading squad in 1994-95, which I thought was a pretty unique idea back then. So I was amazed when I found this postcard showing your squad from 1978!


  2. Pam is my sister-in-law and still as bubbly and smiling as she was back then. I think you all should try to get together, maybe at a game and be recognized by the Blues! It was a great idea and brought a lot of cheering from the crowd.

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