Photo Purchases

I have a weakness for 8″x10″ photos.

No, they aren’t collectible, nor are they “worth” anything.

But there is something so immersive¬†about their relatively large size (compared to hockey cards), their ease of storage (just throw ’em in a binder) and their endless varieties. Whenever I see a dealer who sells photos, I try and find offbeat images that I don’t see everyday.

Here are some 8″x10″ goodies I got…a while ago. I meant to put these up sooner, but they’ve been in a pile of stuff on my floor the past 3 months. Either way, enjoy these pics!

Bobby Hull – Hull played 9 games with the Hartford Whalers in 1979-80. He didn’t have a card back then that showed him as a Whaler. Since then, several companies have shown Hull as a member of a Whaler, but seeing him in green and white still gives me a shock to the system.

Mario Lemieux – Speaking of shock to the system, here is Mario Lemieux in the visiting locker room of the old Chicago Stadium. The Penguins had just swept the Blackhawks in the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals–a moment that still pains me to this day (plus, I lost a $5 bet to my sister, a die-hard Pens fan).

Wayne Gretzky – Gretz, the Cup and an Oilers jersey…it just feels so right.

Bobby Orr – And this just feels so wrong. Orr skated a whopping 26 games with the Blackhawks due to injury, and retired because he didn’t want to get paid for not playing. I love the Blackhawks, and have the utmost respect for Bobby Orr, but I wish he stayed a Bruin–especially since Orr’s agent, Alan Eagleson, lied to Orr in order to get him to sign with Chicago.

Derek Sanderson – This is Sanderson at the end of his career, after the drugs and alcohol had taken their toll. He skated with the Pittsburgh Penguins for 13 games during the 1977-78 season.

Bill Gadsby – I was going to get this photo autographed by Gadsby, but then found a few color photos I decided to get signed instead.

Dino Ciccarelli – Dino celebrating a goal against the Sabres. Great photo!

Bobby Hull & Gordie Howe – Another scene from 1979-80. This photo is beyond cool.

1986-87 Chicago Blackhawks – I collect Blackhawks team photos, and hope to get one from every season.

Hockey cards will always be my number one hobby, but collecting photos offers me a nice diversion.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

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