Some Video Games Are NOT for Kids

Brian Campbell & Patrick Sharp

The last week has been a steady mix of hanging out with friends–including an awesome New Year’s Eve party (thanks, Phil)–and the usual boring “teacher stuff” I do to get prepared for the semester (which started Tuesday). Yes, friends and work are my excuses for not blogging the past 6 days.

Anyway, I found this brochure, starring Patrick Sharp and Bryan Campbell to warn you that…

“Some video games are for kids. Some aren’t.”

That’s right, kids…the Blackhawks are here to warn your parents about the new Call of Duty game.  Perhaps you’d rather play something less violent, like NHL ’12 instead?

Here are scans of the front cover and an inside page:

Click images to see larger.

Keep in mind that this was printed in 2010, some time before the Blackhawks unloaded Campbell’s ridiculous contract traded Campbell to the Florida Panthers.

I am always happy to see the Blackhawks get exposure, even if it is on the counter of my local GameStop. But two things perplex me about this pamphlet.

First, why the Blackhawks? Sure they won the Stanley Cup in 2010, but seeing as how this is Chicago I am surprised that it doesn’t feature, say Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester of the Bears. Or Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah of the Bulls. Or Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs (he counts as two guys).

Wait, Zambrano was traded to Florida? I guess that’s where all unwanted Chicago athletes end up.


Secondly, why Campbell and Sharp? Why not these two fellows instead? Obviously, they know about video games:

I know 2011 was a long time ago, but wasn’t Jonathan Toews on the cover of a video game?

And the year before that, who graced the cover of the best only hockey video game out there?

Right. So when the Blackhawks “teamed up” with the ESRB to warn about the evils of Rated-M games, why did they forget about their two cover boys?

In other news, I got an XBOX 360 and NHL ’12. Are any of you on XBOX Live? If so, add me as one of your gaming friends. My XBOX Live ID is Puck Junk.


Author: Sal Barry

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