2011-12 SPx box break & Contest update

2011-12 SPx boxIt seems that whenever I buy a box of cards for $100 or more, I am left with:

  • a stack of base cards
  • a limited rookie card of a nobody
  • jersey cards that no one wants
  • a large dose of buyer’s remorse

Of course, I remembered none of that when I bought this box of 2011-12 SPx. I have never purchased this product before, and was itching to give something new a try.

Each box has 18 packs (4 cards per pack) –plus a “Bonus Pack”. Here is what I got:

70 Base Cards

2011-12 SPx  #1 - Dustin ByfuglienAll 70 base cards were different–no doubles. Since the base set is only 100 cards, I will probably try and complete it.

1 Rookie Card

2011-12 SPx #143 - Hugh JessimanThis RC of Hugh Jessiman is serial numbered 198/ 499.

 1 Parallel Rookie Card

2011-12 SPx #142 - Harry Zolnierczyk (parallel)aThe parallel versions of the rookie cards actually look nicer–they use a multi-colored foil board, instead of silver like the regular rookie cards. It is also serial numbered 22 / 25.I don’t know much about Harry Zolnierczyk, other than I can’t pronounce his name (It’s HAH-REE, right?)

4 Jersey Cards
Hopefully, I get better pulls than the usual crap I get in Upper Deck Series 1 and 2.

2011-12 SPx Winning Combos - Lemieux & MalkinOK, this definitely qualifies as a good jersey card. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw this; I thought it was Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby. Once I realized that it was Mario Lemieux and Evgeni Malkin, my heartbeat went back to normal.

2011-12 SPx Winning Materials - Jimmy HowardThis card isn’t bad either. Jimmy Howard is a top-notch goaltender, and this card uses two different colored swatches, so it looks pretty cool.

2011-12 SPx Rookie Materials - Brett ConnollyBrett Connolly plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning. I don’t know much about this guy.

2011-12 SPx #193 - Louis Leblanc (rookie / jersey / autograph)Normally, I don’t mind the much-maligned “sticker autograph”–but I hate this one. I am OK with stickergraphs if the sticker nicely integrates into the design. But here, the sticker exceeds the boundaries of the “frame” of the signature area. The sticker was put on crooked, and overlaps the player’s name. You think that if you are spending over $100 for a box of cards, and that box only has 1 autograph, that it would be signed on-card, and not on a sloppily-applied sticker.


Anyway, that was the contents of my 18 packs of SPx. Also enclosed was a bonus pack–actually labeled “BONUS PACK!” It had 5 cards instead of 4.

2011-12 SPx Hockey wrapper 2011-12 SPx Hockey "Bonus Pack" wrapper

It didn’t have cards from SPx–it had cards from ICE.

4 ICE base cards

2011-12 Ice #36 - Jordan EberleJordan Eberle, Ryan Getzlaf, Paul Stastny and Niklas Backstrom

1 Ice Rookie Premieres

2011-12 Ice #72 - Keith KincaidSome Devils goalie named Keith Kincaid, and numbered 771 / 999. I think getting drafted by the Devils is the worst thing that can happen to the goalie–it all but guarantees that you’ll either warm the bench or languish in the minors until Martin Brodeur retires.

So, what was I left with?

  • a stack of base cards – Yep, I got these–from two different sets! But this is expected, anyway.
  • a limited rookie card of a nobody – I got 3 limited RCs of nobodys! Are 3 RCs of lackluster prospects better or worse than getting just 1?
  • jersey cards that no one wants – I will probably be able to sell / trade these. At least, that is the plan.
  • a large dose of buyer’s remorse – Just a medium dose this time. Getting a Mario Lemieux card can make a bad box break seem not so bad.

If I got jersey cards like this more often, then I’d probably like getting jersey cards. But I am tired of Upper Deck putting sets within sets. It was a novel concept when they first did it in 1993-94, but it has worn out its welcome.

Feel free to make offers on the jersey and rookie cards.

And if you have any extra base cards for trade, see my Want List. Maybe you can help me finish the base set.

Contest Update

There were 15 legitimate entries in the contest, so I clicked the randomize button 15 times to make it even more random. And the winner is:

In a strange twist of fate and irony, Captain Canuck–the only Montreal Canadiens fan in the group–won the 1987-88 Topps Patrick Roy card.Brian, your card will be shipped out this week.

Everyone else gets a consolation prize.I will try my best to make the card you get at least somewhat interesting. Those will be shipped out this week as well, but I need addresses from the following people:

  • 1967ers
  • Kyle
  • Oates

Gentlemen, please email me at

sjb AT pucjunk DOT com

or at my Hotmail address if you already have it.

Thanks again to everyone who updated their blogroll with Puck Junk’s new (non-blogspot) address.



Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

6 thoughts on “2011-12 SPx box break & Contest update”

  1. Connolly was actually the 6th overall pick in the 2010 entry draft. He didn’t really do anything special in this, his rookie season, but he did appear in 68 games and score 2 game winning goals.

    Not a bad rookie to pull.

  2. Hey Sal,

    I just bought a box of this on Sunday because I needed something to rip, and I actually pulled the Ryan Nugent-Hopkins rookie auto card. I will go through my base cards when I get back from Vegas and send you what you need.

    1. Awesome that you got the RNH rookie auto, and awesome that you will help me finish the set. Thanks!

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