ITG Enforcers Box Break #3

Enforcers Box TopMy third box of Enforcers–and probably my favorite.

5 Autographs

Theo Peckham – With no disrespect to Theo Peckham, I was hoping to get autographs of retired tough guys, not current ones.

Curt Brackenbury – This guy retired long before I got into hockey. Most of his career was spent in the World Hockey Association.

Wally Weir – He played for the Quebec Nordiques in both the WHA and the NHL.

Tony Twist – Paydirt! Exactly the kind of autograph I hoped to get. Twist had a 10-year NHL career and also sued McFarlane Toys owner Todd McFarlane for using his name as the name of a villain in the Spawn comic book series.

Stu Grimson  Yes! Yes! Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Grimson was one of my favorite enforcers in the 1990s–even after he left the Chicago Blackhawks.Easily my favorite signed card from the 3 boxes.

Jersey Cards

Tyson Nash “Instigator” jersey card – I don’t know much about Nash. I think he’s the color commentator for the Phoenix Coyotes now.

Paul Laus vs. Craig Berube “Combatants” – Laus played 9 seasons in the NHL, all with the Panthers. Berube played 16 seasons in the NHL. Both of these men had very respectable NHL careers for “enforcers.”

Base Cards

Red Wings – Ted Lindsay, Gerard Gallant, Bob Probert and Joey Kocur. I would have liked this better if they swapped out Gallant and put in Grimson instead.

Dave Schultz vs. Dave Williams – aka “The Hammer” vs. “Tiger.” Were there any two tougher guys in the 1970s?

Zdeno Chara vs. David Koci – I saw this fight! Chara D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-E-D Koci. At first, Koci knocked Big Z down, but then Chara just got mad and bloodied Koci’s nose. Both of these guys are behemoths – Chara 6-9, Koci 6-6, so it was a fair fight.

David Koci vs. Wade Belak – Speaking of Koci, he soon went on to play for the Colorado Avalanche, but now plays in the Czech Republic. Belak passed away last summer.

Craig Berube vs. Jim Cummins – This card shows Cummins before he grew a “Raki” beard.

"Hey pretty boy, w---", not gonna go there.

I want to complete the base set, but I think I’ll wait until the price of these cards comes down a bit more. When I purchased these 3 boxes back in January, they were selling for $65. Now, they’re $50. I’m hoping that they drop down to $40 a box. Since these cards lack both “heroes” and “prospects,” I don’t see the demand going up for these anytime soon. However, I think this set is awesome because it is do darned different.

FYI, the jersey cards are for trade. I am also looking for more of the base cards and autographs – want list here.


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