Review: 1985 Islander News Bryan Trottier

Thirty-three cards o’ Trots

07_f_zoomReleased in 1985, this set of cards highlights the career (up to that point) of New York Islanders legend Bryan Trottier. The set sponsored by the New York Islander News and, according to Beckett, was issued by the Port Washington Police Department. The card fronts show photos of Trottier from various points in his career. The back of each card, written by Trottier, feature information about the photos, as well as a drug/alcohol prevention tip.

Player Selection n/a
It’s Bryan Trottier, Trottier and more Trottier! If you are a fan of the Hall of Fame center, then this set is a must-own. It features a good mix of game-action shots and portraits. This may very well be the first set of hockey cards dedicated solely to one player.

Front Design 2 out of 5
Along with a white hockey stick, red and powder blue border each photograph. It is curious that these colors were used instead of the traditional Islanders’ dark blue and orange, which would have given each card a more bold feeling.

01_f_zoomTrottier’s signature adorns the blade of the stick on the card front – a nice design touch. A puck (what else?) encircles the card number. While the puck and stick give the card a hockey feel, the use of the Islanders’ colors would have made this set look much better.

Back Design / Stats & Info n/a
No statistics, but Trots provides an explanation of what is going on in each photograph.

01_b_zoomHe also wrote the nifty anti-drug / anti-alcohol advice on the backs. Here are some of the best ones:

Using Drugs Puts You In A Permanent Penalty Box

You Can’t Take Your Best Shot When You’re High On Drugs

Starting With Drugs Can Finish Your Life

Even A Kid Can Become An Alcoholic

Don’t Be A Fool Trying to Act Cool…”Be Straight”

Grow Up Tall, Use No Drugs At All

As silly as some of these statements sound, we can all hope that they helped to inspire a generation of Islanders’ fans to stay on the straight and narrow path — especially when you consider how bad the team would become over the next few seasons.

Rating 2 out of 5Trottier is an important piece in the history of the New York Islanders. Unless you are a fan of him or the Islanders, you can skip this set. But if you are a fan of either, then this set will help you relive the Isles’ glory days.

Five interesting cards…

02_f_zoom2 – Trottier, before the moustache, when he played junior hockey for the Swift Current Broncos of the Western Hockey League. (back)

11_f_zoom11 – The front shows Trottier battling with Paul Holmgrem of the Flyers. The back states ‘Drugs…Don’t Let This Five Letter Word Ruin Your Life.’ (back)

13_f_zoom13 – Trottier vs. Bruins forward Craig MacTavish. The back of the card warns ‘Alcohol is the Worst Drug of All.’ MacTavish spent the ’84-85 season in jail for committing vehicular homicide while driving drunk. Since this set came out in 1985, is MacTavish’s appearance on this card a coincidence – or intentional? (back)

22_f_zoom22 – Action from the 1981 Stanley Cup Finals. The safety tip on the back advises us to ‘Keep Off the Grass.’ (back)

33_f_zoom33 – Trottier became a U.S. citizen and played for Team USA in the 1984 Canada Cup. (back)

33 card set
Card size: 2 1/2″ wide x 3 1/2″ tall
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