Pack Break x 6: Eraseez Collectible Hockey Eraser Game

packagePaper football is about to get a run for its money. Eraseez is a new line of collectible erasers by Bulls i Toy that double as a tabletop hockey game. Each pack retails for around $3 and contains two puck erasers, two sheets of stickers for the pucks and one hockey stick eraser.

pack_1The puck erasers are 1.5″ in diameter, and the stick eraser is about 2.5″ long. The logo sticker and NHL shield sticker are circular and meant to be affixed to the pucks to make them slippery.

sticksStick blade erasers come in at least three different colors: orange, red and blue.

face-offThe top of the stick blades have a hole in them so you can put in a pencil to make a hockey stick. All you need is a number two pencil (always bring a number two pencil!) and a smooth surface and you are ready to play.

puck_in_piecesThe puck erasers — referred to as puzzle erasers on the packaging — can be broken into three pieces. I was told that this was “just for fun,” but I would argue that this allows you to either make the puck lighter for a game play variation (if you pull off one or both surfaces before affixing the stickers) or to use the smaller surface “parts” as erasers. Speaking of which…

erased…Eraseez actually work as erasers. Usually, “fun” erasers look cool but don’t work all that well, but Eraseez can be used to eliminate your mistakes. Well, mistakes made in pencil, anyway.

Bulls i Toys generously provided six packs of Eraseez. Let’s see what we got:

pack_1Pack #1 – Two pucks, blue stick, Columbus Blue Jackets and Edmonton Oilers stickers.

pack_2Pack #2 – Two pucks, blue stick, Florida Panthers sticker, New Jersey Devils sticker.

pack_3Pack #3 – Two pucks, red stick, Montreal Canadiens sticker and Philadelphia Flyers sticker.

pack_4Pack #4 –  Two pucks, red stick, Philadelphia Flyers sticker and Detroit Red Wings sticker.

pack_5Pack #5 –  Two pucks, orange stick, Detroit Red Wings sticker, Pittsburgh Penguins sticker.

pack_6Pack #6 – Two pucks, red stick, Philadelphia Flyers logo, Montreal Canadiens logo.

What I like about Eraseez: The $3 price is right and these erasers are more fun than your normal pink erasers. With all 30 teams and different stick colors available, you have incentive to buy a few packs.

What I don’t like about Eraseez: The collation seems a bit iffy; out of six packs, I pulled three Flyers stickers, two Red Wings sticker and two Canadiens stickers. But that’s to be expected in randomly-packed items. Also there seems to be a lot of “dead space” on the sticker sheets that, if arranged properly, could have been used to accomodate a third logo sticker (another team, perhaps) or a few rectangular stickers to put on the stick blades.

3.5_out_of_5If I was ten years old, I would love this product because it is practical, playable and collectible. But I’m a grumpy old Sal who doesn’t really need erasers, though I will admit mini pucks are a fun collectible. Overall, Eraseez are a neat idea and a quality product for the $3 price tag.

Special thanks to Bulls i Toy for providing the packs for this break.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

6 thoughts on “Pack Break x 6: Eraseez Collectible Hockey Eraser Game”

  1. I bought a pack of these a year ago. Neat idea, I guess, good for the kids.

    I was at a bar a while ago and we had these odd coasters; turns out they snapped apart and folded upright in to little table top goals! So while we were watching the game, my friend and I were having an impromptu hockey game with a couple of bendy straws for sticks and a folded up staw wrapper for the puck.

    1. LOL, looks like you should have brought the pack you bought to the bar. PS, an upside-down beer bottle cap works well as a puck.

  2. Is there anywhere that I can purchase these? I have used the website and looked at every single retailer and I am not finding anything. Anyone know?

      1. So they all must not sell them online. Boo! I will make the 50 min trek one way to get this little beauties. The things we do for our children. But I suppose I could call first 😉 . Thanks

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