Sidney Crosby’s First Hockey Card


Before Sidney Crosby was “Sid the Kid,” he was…well, just a kid. Crosby was touted as an elite prospect long before he was drafted, and even had several hockey cards released before he went onto NHL stardom.

This is Crosby’s earliest known card, though price guides will usually omit it because it was not found in a pack with other cards. Instead, this came inside of a magazine called Rookie Review during the 2002-03 season. The photo shows Crosby when he was tearing it up for the Dartmouth Subways in Midget AAA Hockey as just a wee 14-year old phenom.


That season, Crosby scored 95 goals and 98 assists for 193 points in 74 games. He also scored 24 points in seven playoff games. The next year, he was off to Shattuck-Saint Mary’s, a boarding school in Minnesota, to play in their famous hockey program under coach, former NHL player J.P. Parise.


While the back of the card refers to Crosby as a 15-year old and mentions the Shattuck-Saint Mary’s hockey program, the photo is from the previous year when he was a 14-year old with Dartmouth.

Sidney Crosby in 2016 (left) and Crosby in 2002 (inset). [Crosby Penguins Photo by Michael Miller]

That was 14 years ago — or half a lifetime ago for Crosby, who is now 28.■


Author: Sal Barry

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