The Best 2021-22 NHL Game-Night Giveaway Items

Today is the start of the 2021-22 season. All teams will play a full 82-game schedule for the first time in three seasons, and all teams will allow spectators at their games. Also making a comeback are game-night giveaways. You know, the free stuff that you can get when you go to certain games. 

So, here is a list of the best game-night giveaway items that teams will dole out during the 2021-22 season — from a Ryan O’Reilly Winter Classic bobblehead, to a Star Wars-themed Flyers poster, to ugly holiday sweater t-shirts that several teams will give out. 

Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive. If the team has a lot of giveaways planned, this list just focuses on the best ones.

Also, please note that some giveaways require a special ticket purchase, so be sure to check the team’s website for full details. 

Anaheim Ducks

October 15, 2021 – Lindgnome figure
November 2, 2021 – Dia de Muertos blanket
December 3, 2021 – Wild Wing t-shirt
December 17, 2021 – Star Wars Night
March 18, 2022 – Mystery gnome
March 31, 2022 – Mystery bobblehead
April 6, 2022 – Bucket hat
Full Anaheim Ducks promotional schedule here

Arizona Coyotes

October 18, 2021 – White kachina pool towel
November 20, 2021 – Purple light-up bracelets 
December 11, 2021 – Throwback t-shirt 
December 23, 2021 – Kachina holiday ornament
January 2, 2022 – Player and pet calendar
March 5, 2022 – Rainbow rally towel 
April 29, 2022 – Kachina pool float 
Full Arizona Coyotes promotional schedule here

Boston Bruins

The Bruins do not have any giveaways listed at this time, but have a list of various theme nights, including two home games where they will honor former players: 
November 11, 2021 – Colby Cave Night
January 18, 2022 – Willie O’Ree Number Retirement
Full Boston Bruins promotional schedule here

Buffalo Sabres

October 14, 2021 – Special edition t-shirt
October 16, 2021 – Reusable trick-or-treat tote (kids only) & magnetic schedule (all fans)
January 22, 2022 – Sabres mini sticks (kids only)
March 10, 2022 – Pride rally towels 
March 25, 2022 – Throwback night; giveaway TBA
April 29, 2022 – Fan appreciation night; giveaway TBA
Full Buffalo Sabres promotional schedule here

Calgary Flames

The Flames have not announced any giveaways yet, but have various themed nights on their schedule.
Full Calgary Flames promotional schedule here

Carolina Hurricanes

No giveaways announced, though the Hurricanes will wear green Hartford Whalers uniforms on January 29, 2022 in their game against the Devils. So, it appears that giving old time hockey fans some nostalgia is their only giveaway this year. 

Chicago Blackhawks

October 27, 2021  – Blackhawks Día de los Muertos/Sugar Skull Bobblehead 
January 13, 2022 – Andrew Shaw Legacy Night; giveaway TBA
January 31, 2022 – Brent Seabrook Legacy Night; giveaway TBA
March 3, 2022 – Niklas Hjalmarsson Legacy Night; giveaway TBA
March 8, 2021 – St. Patrick’s Day green hat 
The Blackhawks have many other giveaway nights planned but have yet to announce what the items will be. 
Full Chicago Blackhawks promotional schedule here

Colorado Avalanche

No giveaways announced.

Columbus Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets have not announced any giveaways yet, but have several themed nights throughout the 2021-22 season. 
Full Blue Jackets promotional schedule here

Dallas Stars

October 22, 2021 – Magnetic schedule
January 28, 2022 – Sergei Zubov jersey retirement banner
March 2, 2022 – Lucha libre mask
March 22, 2022 – Daryl “Razor” Reaugh bobblehead
March 26, 2022 – Youth Blackout jersey
April 16, 2022 – Joe Pavelski Blackout jersey bobblehead 
Full Dallas Stars promotional schedule here

Detroit Red Wings

October 16, 2021 – Magnetic schedule
October 21, 2021 – Dylan Larkin “Captain’s Towel”
December 4, 2021 – Ugly sweater t-shirt
December 18, 2021 – Holiday ornament
As of this writing, the Red Wings have only listed giveaways through the end of 2021. 
Full Detroit Red Wings promotional schedule here

Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers have no giveaways planned for the season, but they have Connor McDavid, who is a way better reason to go to a game instead of a stupid free hat. 

Florida Panthers

October 14, 2021 – Magnetic schedule 
And…that’s it. However, the Panthers have numerous themed nights planned throughout the season. 
Full Florida Panthers Group Night / Promo Night schedule here

Los Angeles Kings

October 14, 2021 – T-shirt 
October 30, 2021 – Tote bag & Dia De Los Muertes Bobblehead (special ticket purchase required) 
October 31, 2021 – Fidget popper (kids only)
November 27, 2021 – Fidget popper (kids only)
January 8, 2022 – LA Kings/LA Lakers jersey shirt (special ticket purchase required)
February 26, 2022 – Star Wars Bobblehead (special ticket purchase required)
March 26, 2022 – Superhero night poster giveaway 
Full Los Angeles Kings promotional schedule here

Minnesota Wild

October 19, 2021 – Team Calendar
December 16, 2021 – Jared Spurgeon bobblehead
December 23, 2021 – Wild holiday ornament 
March 6, 2022 – Fidget popper 
March 26, 2022 – Upper Deck hockey cards 
April 29, 2022 – Team poster 
Full Minnesota Wild promotional schedule here

Montreal Canadiens

No giveaways announced.

Nashville Predators

The Predators have not announced any giveaways yet, but have various theme nights this season. 
Full Nashville Predators promotional schedule here

New Jersey Devils

October 15, 2021 – PixMob LED wristband
December 19, 2021 – Star Wars winter hat
March 6, 2022 – Jack Hughes bobblehead 
March 12, 2022 – Mackenzie Blackwood bobblehead 
April 24, 2022 – Top Gun bobblehead
Full New Jersey Devils promotional schedule here

New York Islanders

No giveaways announced.

New York Rangers

No giveaways announced.

Ottawa Senators

No giveaways announced, but the Senators might eventually list them here.

Philadelphia Flyers

October 15, 2021 – Season schedule t-shirt
November 20, 2021 – Star Wars/Flyers poster & Star Wars/Flyers t-shirt (special ticket purchase required)
November 30, 2021 – Flyers beer stein 
December 21, 2021 – Ivan Provorov nesting dolls
January 20, 2022 – Jawn Night — and yes, I had to it look up because I had no idea wbat jawn means
February 28, 2022 – Gritty fanny pack
April 9, 2022 – Ryan Ellis Chia Pet
Full Philadelphia Flyers promotional schedule here

Pittsburgh Penguins

October 16, 2021 – Magnetic schedule
October 19, 2021 – Mike Lange Night Cheer Cards & Penguin Car Coaster Set
October 26, 2021 – Team calendar
December 23, 2021 – Ugly holiday sweater night 
Full Pittsburgh Penguins promotional schedule here

San Jose Sharks

October 16, 2021 – “Welcome Back” pack
October 30, 2021 – Los Tiburones shirsey
January 22, 2022 – SJ Sharkie shirsey 
Full San Jose Sharks promotional schedule here

Seattle Kraken

No giveaways announced, but that shouldn’t affect attendance  matter much since this is the Kraken’s first season. 

St Louis Blues

October 23, 2021 – Team calendar
October 25, 2021 – Magnetic calendar
November 18, 2021 – Ryan O’Reilly Winter Classic bobblehead 
December 11, 2021 – Team poster
January 17, 2021 – Chris Pronger replica banner 
April 19, 2021 – Replica Stanley Cup Championship ring 
Full St. Louis Blues promotional schedule here

Tampa Bay Lightning

No giveaways announced, so Bolts fans will just have to settle for having another Stanley Cup Championship banner raised to the rafters. 

Toronto Maple Leafs

No giveaways announced. But come on — it’s the Maple Leafs. Fans could be forced to give the Leafs a free hat — in addition to buying a ticket — and the games would still sell out. 

Vancouver Canucks

No giveaways announced. What is with these Canadian teams, anyway? It’s almost as if the fans come to the games…to watch the games, and not for some free, but ultimately unimportant, trinket. Weird! 

Vegas Golden Knights

No giveaways announced. But with the pregame show that the Knights put on before every game, who even needs a fidget popper? And what the hell is a fidget popper anyway? 

Washington Capitals

October 13, 2021 – Magnetic schedule
October 27, 2021 – Tom Wilson bobblehead
December 6, 2021 – Holiday ugly sweater t-shirt 
March 22, 2022 – John Carlson bobblehead 
April 28, 2022 – Team poster 
Full Washington Capitals promotional schedule here

Winnipeg Jets

October 23, 2021 – Scarf
November 9, 2021 – License plate keychain
December 19, 2021 – Snow globe 
January 27, 2022 – Poster 
March 15, 2022 – Mini jersey 
April 6, 2022 – Bobblehead (player TBA) 
Full Winnipeg Jets promotional schedule here

Again, keep in mind that this list is NOT comprehensive, planned giveaways sometimes change, and that some items require a special advanced ticket purchase, usually via a special link from the team’s website. So, sometimes getting to the game early isn’t good enough; you have to buy the ticket well in advance. 

Also, did you notice that less teams are doing giveaways this year than two years ago? Back in the 2019-20 season, 18 out of 31 teams — about 58% — had at least one giveaway item planned. Last year, there were no giveaways since most teams started the 2020-21 season without spectators. But this year, only 16 of 32 teams — exactly 50% — are giving away at least one item. And even then, many of the teams have scaled back their promo nights from two years ago. The bottom line is that teams are being more conservative until things truly get back to normal. 

So, which of these giveaway items do you think are the best? Which one would you want? Leave a comment and let us know! 

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