Card of the Week: Who Are Those Guys?

1992-93 Wheeling Thunderbirds #20: Those Guys

You are probably asking yourself, who are “Those Guys” – those two middle-aged men clad in yellow polo shirts.

Are they the team’s owners? Coaches? Equipment guys?

The ushers? Ticket takers? Concession stand workers? 

Nope – they are the guys who produced a team set of minor league hockey cards. This might be the most self-serving hockey card of all time.

The Wheeling Thunderbirds were a minor league team in the mid-1990s that played in Wheeling, West Virginia. 

And it was “Those Guys Productions” – real names Chuck Greenwood and Jim Smith – who produced a set of Wheeling Thunderbirds cards during the 1992-93 season.

In addition to a card of, ahem, these guys, the set also has 18 player cards, as well as cards of the GM, the assistant GM, the coach, the mascot, and a checklist. 

According to the back of the card, “Those Guys” are “recognized as the leading promoters of sports card shows in the Wheeling area.”

So…we best be recognizing, then. 

The card back text also suggests that you “make plans to attend one of their exciting shows at the Wheeling Civic Center,” as well as visit their card shop in Ohio. 

While you can’t fault “Those Guys” for trying to promote themselves, it does seem a bit egotistical to produce a card of yourself and then expect other people to want it. 

Then again…I really don’t have much room to talk. 

I guess “Those Guys” had the right idea all along. 

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