High-End Connor Bedard Cards Are Finally Here

2023-24 SP Game Used Gives Us First Bedard RPAs.

Last week, the 2023-24 SP Game Used Hockey set hit hobby shops and shipped from online retailers.

While several Connor Bedard autographed cards were issued in Upper Deck Series Two, this year’s SP Game Used set has his first truly high-end rookie cards, such as rookie patch autographs (RPAs), and autographed letter mark cards. 

Here are some pictures of 2023-24 SP Game Used cards, courtesy of the Upper Deck Facebook page:

Serial-Numbered Rookie Patch Autograph
1 of 1 Autograph
Clear Cut
Autographed Letter Mark
Another Serial-Numbered Rookie Patch Autograph
Net Cord numbered out of 35
Serial-Numbered Rookie Card

SP Game Used costs around $220 for a six-card box. It is a high-risk, high-reward kind of set.

And if you do get a Bedard card in a box, the reward is good. So far, some of the Bedard cards from SP Game Used have fetched impressive prices on eBay. A “Deep Cuts” autographed card picturing the Blackhawks rookie with Team Canada – and not Chicago – sold for $2,719.79 USD. A “Net Cord” card with a piece of net used in Bedard’s NHL debut and numbered out of 35 copies sold for $2,168.48 USD. And a “Retro Rookie Parallel” of Bedard numbered out of 499 sold for $1,249.63 USD.

And this is just the beginning. SP Game Used hasn’t even been out for a week, and over the next five weeks, five more higher-end 2023-24 sets are coming out: Skybox Metal Universe, Trilogy, Black Diamond, SPx, and Synergy. 

These sets will give collectors Precious Metal Gems, Quadruple Diamond Rookie Relics, Signature Pucks, and several other premium Bedard rookie cards to chase. It will be interesting to see what prices these cards fetch on eBay. 

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