Card of the Week: I Has a Hot Dog

1995-96 Pinnacle card #134 – Olaf Kolzig

Olaf KolzigOlaf Kolzig was not what you’d call a “hot dog” during the early days of his long NHL tenure. The first five years of his pro career were mostly spent in the minor leagues, while the next three were spent playing second fiddle to former All-Star goaltender Jim Carey. Back then, “Olie the Goalie” spent more time riding the pine than stopping pucks.

During Kolzig’s time as a backup, he was shown on a Pinnacle hockey card, sitting on the bench and enjoying a hot dog – with his name spelled out in the mustard!

Making this card even more hilarious is that it was taken with a wide-angle lens, causing Kolzig’s nose to appear wider than normal. That, added with the “poofieness” of his hair, makes him look like the mascot from the Big Boy chain of restaurants. Somewhat fitting, since Kolzig is a “big boy” at six-foot three.

Big Boy Restaurant LogoThe next decade of his career would be a different story for Kolzig – much more playing and less sitting on the bench. By the 1997-98 season, he would rise to the role of number one goalie for the Washington Capitals – and would continue to be the starter for the next ten seasons.


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