2009-10 Fleer Ultra blaster break


After buying a single pack, and later a rack pack, of this year’s Fleer Ultra, I have to admit that the set has grown on me. That said, I bought a blaster box at Target last week. Yes, we all know that blasters suck harder than 36-count “retail” boxes…but I had a 10% of coupon, and figured that, you know, maybe this blaster would be special.

Yeah right. (Well, it did happen to me once.)

I don’t wanna scan all the cards I got. I’m not even going to scan the best card from each of the 12 packs, but rather just the best “type” of each card.

Here is what I got:

43 base cards. You can practically see the Gatorade dripping off of Sidney Crosby’s face in this pic.
11 Gold Cards: All these do is take the place of a “real” card, which makes completing a set 20% harder. So, I might just mix and match gold and regular cards in my set build, just to piss off Upper Deck. By the way, another great horizontal shot–notice the puck in the upper right corner.
2 Ultra Rookies. I’ve heard of Yannick Weber. The other one I got was of some kid on the Tampa Bay Lightning named Brandon Segal.
1 Gold Ultra Rookie: I guess in a way, I “beat” the odds by getting THREE (and not TWO) Ultra Rookies. Though when I pulled this one from a pack, the first thing I muttered was “this better not count as one of the two rookies I get.” Why do I hate parallels so much?
2 Scoring Kings: These look like a lame insert set that could be in ANY low-to-mid end Upper Deck set. Just slap a Victory or Collector’s Choice or UD logo in the corner
1 Crowning Achievements: Why? Oh right–because they CAN. Anyone else tired of Martin Brodeur yet? No, I am not bitter that he set his all-time-wins record in a game against the Blackhawks. That actually makes his record cooler to me. 
Dare I say it, but I might actually try to buy a hobby box of these cards. I’ve got about 90 or so towards the 200-card base set, plus another 4 short-prints. The pictures in this set are pretty good, and there’s room for up to 20 years of stats (more on that here).


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

4 thoughts on “2009-10 Fleer Ultra blaster break”

  1. Let me know what you are missing. I decided not to collect this one this year so I have about 250 or so.

  2. Will get a list together today or tomorrow. I'm about 30 or so cards shy of a complete base set. I can also use any Ultra Rookies you might have.

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