2010 Stanley Cup Finals

And now, the series we’ve all been waiting for…

Series: Chicago Blackhawsks (2-West) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (7-East)

My Prediction: Blackhawks in 5 games to win the Stanley Cup

Comments: Sweeps were rare in this year’s playoffs. Only the top-seeded Sharks got swept, being beaten in 4 straight by the Blackhawks.

Yes, the ‘Hawks certainly bring their “Eh Game” when playing great teams. They did sweep the Sharks, but needed 6 games to beat the Canucks and 6 to beat the Predators.

And the Blackhawks will need 5 to beat the Flyers.

No, it won’t be a sweep. The Flyers are good enough to steal a game from the Blackhawks, but not good enough to steal the series.

FYI, there’s still time to enter my Stanley Cup Contest.


Author: Sal Barry

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