Blackhawks Mania Sweeps Chicago

Those of you not from Chicago are probably unaware of the overwhelming–almost oppressive–amount of attention the Blackhawks have been getting during the playoffs. Especially during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Many landmarks around the city have been modified to show support for the Blackhawks, such as the sculpture by Pablo Picasso downtown:

A Blackhawks helmet was put on the “head” of this ugly piece of “art”.

Speaking of art, the two lion statues at the Art Institute of Chicago are also donning helmets. Normally, this sort of treatment is usually reserved for the Chicago Bears football team. Even Bobby Hull was impressed.

And the dinosaur statue outside of the Field Museum has been outfitted with a very large Jonathan Toews jersey.

Actually, I took this photo in 2009. The Field Museum “dressed up” their brontosaurus statue last year too.

Even a statue of a living legend has been “Hawked Up.”  The Michael Jordan statue outside of the United Center is wearing a Toews jersey, as well as a helmet and skates:

(More info and credit here)

Back during the Conference Finals against the Sharks, the fountain at the Daley Center was dyed red.

 How will we ever keep the Twilight fans away from this? (Credit)

Unfortunately, it took them two tries, as their first attempt resulted in a hot pink fountain.

One byproduct of Hawks Mania is all of the junk that subsequently gets made. I found a bunch of Hawks CrapTM when visiting a local Walgreen’s on Saturday.

Here, my friend Danny reluctantly holds up a Blackhawks window decal and temporary tattoos.

The window decal is of lines to make the glass you stick it to appear to be broken and “half a puck” to stick to the glass–creating the illusion that a puck was shot through your car window.

Buddy, I’ll put a REAL puck through your window if you ask me nicely. It would cost less than this SHAM too (approximately $8).

As for temporary tattoos? Cool if you are a 6-year old girl. Ten, years ago you could never find Blackhawks junk like this at a local drug store.

I also came across this felt ‘Hawks logo

Hey, what’s this?

Uhhhh, okay. A Chicago Blackhawks Western Conference Champions magazine. Eight bucks, full-color and made by some publishing company I never heard of.

Had this come out a few weeks later–and included the Finals–I’d be all over this. But it only covers the regular season and the first 3 rounds of the playoffs. That’s like leaving the last chapter out of A Tale of Two Cities.

Speaking of far, far better things, I thought I’d end this with a picture of the Patrick Kane Mullet T-Shirt:

I haven’t seen this in person yet–and wouldn’t be caught dead in it–but it is available at for $20

Now, imagine the stuff they’ll make IF the Blackhawks DO win the Stanley Cup…


Author: Sal Barry

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