2010 ‘Hawks Con – Day Two

NOTE: You might want to read the Day One recap first:
2010 ‘Hawks Con – Day One

Chicago, IL – July 31, 2010

We arrived at the convention around 9:30 AM, and headed over to the autograph room to try and get wristbands. Scheduled to sign at 11 AM were Stan Mikita and Eric Daze.

It turns out that Mikita was sick, and did not attend the show over the weekend. My girlfriend and I each got a wristband for Eric Daze.

Unfortunately, being “banded” for Daze prohibited us from getting into any of the current autograph lines. The line for Cliff Koroll and Reg Kerr–which did not require a wristband–was nearly empty. But the convention worker at their line told us that we would have to cede our wristbands for Daze in order to get into the Koroll/Kerr line. We opted to stick with Daze, since I wanted to get a photo signed for my sister, who still has a crush on Daze.

What happened next would change the Blackhawks Convention for me. I caught a huge stroke of good luck–great luck, fantastic luck.One of the dealers that I know and have bought from numerous times over the past few years pulled me aside. She had 3–count them, 3–winning scratch-and-win game cards, which entitled her to 3 VIP autograph sessions. However, she was too busy to redeem them, and told me that if I redeemed them for her she would let me have 2 and keep 1. Those VIP sessions ended up being for Sunday, so I’ll talk more about those during the Day 3 recap.

Autograph: Eric Daze

My girlfriend and I got a card and an 8″ by 10″  photo signed by former Blackhawks player Eric Daze.

In retrospect, I wish I picked a different card to get signed. But I had a double of this card readily available, and the signature looks good.

Daze really liked this photo, because it was from the preseason during his rookie year. He pointed out that he borrowed the gloves from Craig Muni, who was his teammate at the time. Daze also mentioned that he lost the necklace that he’s wearing in the picture. He was still bummed about the necklace.

Autograph John Scott

John Scott is a behemoth with a baby face. The guy is 6-foot-8 and 28 years old, but looks barely old enough to legally drink. He signed with the Blackhawks over the summer, and hasn’t actually played a game for them yet.

Scott was super-friendly, and asked me “Why does everyone want autographs in blue ink?” I explained to him that the signature looks better in blue and will not “blend in” with the black ink on the card.

Autograph: Jack Skille

Jack Skille was signing autographs several times over the weekend. He’s only appeared in 30 games over the past 3 seasons, but will most likely become a full-time NHL player next year for the ‘Hawks.

Skille asked if I wanted him to write 11 or 20 after his signature–he is shown wearing 11, but wore 20 last season when John Madden took number 11.

“Put 11,” I asked. “It will be your number again this fall.”

“No,” Skille jovially replied. “20 is my number now, I’m sticking with it.”

Autograph: Brent Seabrook

My dealer friend who gave me the 3 scratch-and-win VIP passes also gave me a pass for a “Hotel Guest Only” signing. It was for Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook. She was not interested in getting his autograph, so she gave the pass to me. Wow! This was really turning out to be a great day for autographs.

“Would it be sacrilege to ask you to sign on the Stanley Cup?” I asked Seabrook.

“I’m just gonna sign it here,” he replied, signing it at the bottom. Not sure why he wouldn’t sign “on” the Cup, as I saw dealers selling photos where the players’ sig was on the Cup. Maybe he was just tired, but I gotta say that Seabrook didn’t seem too friendly that day.

Autograph: Dennis Hull

Dennis Hull shows his award-winning smile. 

The younger brother of Bobby Hull, Dennis Hull is always laughing and smiling. The dude is hilarious to talk with, too. My girlfriend and I got one card and one photo signed by Hull.

I gave the photo to my dealer friend who hooked me up with the hotel signing pass and the winning scratch-and-win VIP passes.

Autograph: Frank Pelico

Frank Pelico has been the organist for the Chicago Blackhawks for the past 20 years. Yes, you heard right–we have a pipe organ at the United Center, and did too at the old Chicago Stadium. Pelico was rocking the organ at the ‘Hawks Con, and was also giving out autographed photos. This was very nice of him, but I wish the photo was of better quality; it is obviously a computer print-out. But it’s the thought that counts.

Panel Discussion: Road Warriors
I was kind of lame this year, and opted to spend most of my time getting autographs instead of attending panel discussions. That is sometimes a mistake, as the panels are always interesting and usually very funny.

I did sit in on the discussion about playing road games, which featured current ‘Hawks Troy Brouwer and Patrick Sharp, and former ‘Hawk Steve Larmer.

Here is 6 minutes of some of the funnier moments from that panel. Highlights include who is the worst player to room with on the road, what’s the best prank to pull on a teammate and how Steve Larmer got the nickname “Grandpa.”

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Author: Sal Barry

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  1. Clarification:
    Pelico worked the Barton organ at the Stadium going back to '91 (long time ago yes, but not quite '61).

    Before him there were others, including Nancy Faust (Chicago White Sox, retired this past season)

    and long before them…the great

    Al Melgard!

  2. Hmmmm….then I wonder why Pelico wears number 61. That can't be his birth year, because he looks older than 49 years old.

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