2010-11 Score Hockey box break #1

I recently bought 5 boxes of 2010-11 Score Hockey cards. Each box contains 36 packs, and each pack has 7 cards.

I’ll get up a full review once I have the cards sorted into a set. Until then, I’ll post what I get in each box.

Results for Box #1:

184 Base Cards – Crosby was probably the best “base” card I got in this box.

18 Hot Rookies – Well, I haven’t hopped on the P.K. Subandwagon just yet…but he’s probably the best RC in the set, not counting the Rookie Redemption.

33 Glossy Base Cards – They look just like the base cards, only they are glossier. No point in scanning them, since you have to “feel” the difference.

3 Glossy Hot Rookies – The 3 I got were Bobby Butler, Derek Smith and Nick Spaling (that guy again?)

1 20th Anniversary Parallel – Looks (and feels) just like a base card, but has “20th Anniversary” stamped in gold foil. Kind of pointless.

6 Playoff Heroes – This one is of former Chicago Blackhawks player Dustin Biff-OOG-lee-un.

3 Net Cam – For the wide-angle lens lover in all of us.

2 Sudden Death – ‘Cuz it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

1 Franchise – All right. One of my guys.


1 Hot Rookies Autograph – It’s a sticker ‘graph, but I don’t care. To get an autographed card in a one-dollar pack of cards is almost surreal.

Noticeably Absent was the Rookie Redemption card. You are supposed to get 1 RC Redemption per box, which is redeemable for a card of a player who debuted early this season.

The whole reason I decided to buy boxes of Score cards–instead of getting a complete set from eBay–was to get these redemption cards.

For those who were also shorted on their redemption cards, you can fill out an online request form with Panini here. You will have to create an account on their website if you don’t have one.

Stay tuned for the next break.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

7 thoughts on “2010-11 Score Hockey box break #1”

  1. nice Price and Subban… but you said the key phrase when talking about this release.

    You said, '…kind of pointless..'

    couldn't agree more.

  2. Pointless? I disagree. The parallel cards are pointless, but I'm digging this set. I'll explain why in my forthcoming review. (So many cards to sort…)

  3. Sal, I didn't get a Rookie Redemption in my box either, but I got one of the short-printed hot rookies. I just assumed that each box had either an auto or a short-printed rookie instead and that the redemptions had been done away with.

    Did you pull a redemption in any of your boxes? I just ordered boxes 2 and 3 online but they haven't arrived yet.

  4. I just finished opening my two boxes and I did not receive any rookie redemptions either. I did pull a auto redemption card for Daniel Sedin!

    Panini's site must be getting slammed since I keep getting an error every time I try to connect…

  5. My first box yielded nothing substantial. No RC > 550 and no auto redemptions just base cards and standard inserts. I have two more to work through but nothing so far. I will share what I get on my blog later next week.

  6. I just bought 1 box, also did not pull one redemption – instead, i got a Phillip Larsen auto – not bad, not great. The 20th anniversary card was pretty good – Drew Doughty!!! Along with that, a P.K. Subban & Nazen Kadri RC's. Overall i have to give this product a meh… then again, at $35 a box, you cant expect a whole lot more, this was just for nostalgia.

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