2010-11 Score Hockey box break #5

My final box break of 2010-11 Score Hockey cards. For the time being. I might buy some rack packs, blasters or even another box at an upcoming show next weekend. I might not.

Results for Box #5

184 Base Cards – The set uses a lot of photos from the playoffs. This card features Buffy the Netminder Slayer, showing how he made Bobby Lou cry.

18 Hot Rookies – In 5 boxes, I did not get all of the RCs numbered 501 to 550.

33 Glossy Base Cards – Same ol’, same ol’.

3 Glossy Rookies – I’ll laugh at the dealer who tries to sell these glossy cards at a premium.

ZERO 20th Anniversary Parallels – Well, I didn’t want one anyway.

6 Playoff Heroes – The ‘Hawks and Flyers featured in this insert set use photos from the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals.

3 Net Cam – After 5 boxes, it is safe to say that I like this insert set the best.

2 Sudden Death – Since I have more than half of these, I’ll try to get this whole insert set too.

1 Franchise – What the? Another #$%& duplicate. I got Shea Weber in my last box. Of the 5 Franchise cards I got, 3 were unique and 2 were doubles.

But what’s this? Another Hot Rookie? No, it’s a…

Short Printed Hot Rookie – So I guess we are NOT getting 1 Rookie Redemption per box. Instead, we are getting Short Rookies 1 in every 5 boxes or so.

After getting all my cards sorted, I still need:

  • 49 base cards
  • 5 RCs
  • 9 Short-Printed RCs

I am a bit disappointed about Score’s spotty collation. I have almost 800 doubles (counting RCs), but don’t have a complete 550-card set…or even the complete 500-card base set

Later this week, I hope to have a video review of this set up on the site.

In the meantime, my Want List of Score cards I need can be found here.

And my Trade List is here .


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

6 thoughts on “2010-11 Score Hockey box break #5”

  1. I think there is only 9 SSP in total, so the good news is I think you only need 8. I ended up with Fowler in my three boxes and I only need #530 as far as rookies go. Still need about 80 base cards though, but that is after cheating and using a few glossies as base cards. Let me know what cards you are missing and we can try and iron out a deal for missing cards on both sides…and maybe that Palmieri if you still have it, I have a few autos you might like for it.

  2. Sal, I sorted my cards out Friday night from my 3 boxes. I think I'm about 100 cards short of the set, I'll send you my want list today. I have close to 200 doubles and would also be willing to part with almost any of my inserts.

  3. Looked at your want list and I have 4 from the base set and 1 Net Cam card. I can wait to see what Shane has for ya (probably be a lot more than that), but if you still need them after that, let me know.

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