2010-11 Pinnacle Box Break #1

I was iffy on buying any boxes of Pinnacle until I saw a box break over on DFG’s blog. That convinced me enough to pick up two boxes of the stuff. Maybe I’ll get a whole base set, some decent rookies and a few jersey cards that I can trade away.

For this box break, I decided to scan ALL of the insets, as well as some of my favorite base cards. Each box has 24 packs, and each pack has 8 cards.

Here’s what I got:

177 Base Cards – here are my favorite 8 cards from 1-100

The base card are a mix of goofy and/or offbeat photos and action shots. There are also some run-of-the-mill photos too. I wish all the photos used were the offbeat kind. Otherwise, this set isn’t too different from Donruss.

4 Ice Breakers Rookie Cards– that’s one for every 6 packs

Nice! I got a P.K. Subban and Brandon Pirri, a prospect from my Blackhawks. Nino Nidedereiter isn’t too shabby either, from what I’ve heard.

2 Jersey Cards

Hmmm….both Canadiens. I would have preferred some variety. But these two cards do look cool together. Both are numbered out of 499. These two jersey cards are available for trade, so feel free to make an offer.

1 Autograph Card

Brian Elliot? And a sticker autograph? I don’t mind sticker ‘graphs if the sticker is worked into the design. This just feels slapped on. And there’s nothing special about this card–like, it doesn’t have jersey swatch or multiple signatures. It is pretty straight forward.. So why couldn’t it be hard-signed?

2 Tough Times inserts

I liked the Tough Times inserts from the Donruss set  because they looked like newspapers (a la “The Los Angeles Times” or the “Chicago Sun-Times”). Not sure what these are supposed to resemble (posters of some sort?) but I wish they had continued the “newspaper” theme with this insert set.

1 Fans of the Game insert

Who….? What….? Why….?!?! Apparently, anyone can be on a “Fans of the Game card. Yawn.

1 Artist’s Proof base parallel

I guess this card is so limited that Panini didn’t even bother to serial number it.

Shiny Crap

I’m not sure what you call these parallels, other than unnecessary. I guess my fascination with shiny objects was limited to my twenties. But hey–I got an Anders Lindback Ice Breaker rookie card! It might be valuable someday!

More Shiny Crap

OK, I kind of like these a little better. They actually look good in direct light. It’s hard to see from the scan, but this insert set is called “Saving Face.” Get it?

Tomorrow, I will post the results of my second box break.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

5 thoughts on “2010-11 Pinnacle Box Break #1”

  1. let me know via email what you want for those three Montreal cards you got in your box by accident.

  2. If you aren't diggin' the Tough Times, I'll trade ya for 'em.

    I think this set is a pretty solid release…for Panini. At first, I ranked it ahead of Donruss, but now I am giving Donruss the nod because I just can't get behind "Ice Breakers" as a serious rookie card.

    Looking forward to box #2!

  3. Hey Sal, would you mind setting the Kovy aside for our next trade. I am going to pass on buying a box of this stuff but wouldn't mind that particular card for my pc.

  4. Ouch. Kostitsyn and Pouliot? Even as a Habs fan, I wouldn't be thrilled to get either of those guys.

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