2011 Playoffs – Round 2 Recap

Ouch! I didn’t do too well in my predictions for Round 2…

Things played out pretty much as expected in the Western Conference.

Series: Vancouver Canucks (1) vs. Nashville Predators (5)

My Prediction: Predators UPSET in 6 games.

What Actually Happened: Canucks won in 6 game.

Comments: I really wanted to see the Canucks get stomped on. Unfortunately, the Predators were not the team to do it. Well, there’s always the next round.

Series: San Jose Sharks (2) vs. Detroit Red Wings (3)

My Prediction: Sharks win in 6 games.

What Actually Happened: Sharks won in 7 games.

Comments: This was a fun series. Best of all, I was in a sports bar for game 7, and people were cheering for the Sharks–not because of former ‘Hawk Antti Niemi, but because no one in Chicago wants to see Detroit win. Ever.

Upsets du jour in the Eastern Conference.

Series: Washington Capitals (1) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (5).

My Prediction: Capitals win in 4 games.

What Actually Happened: Lighting UPSET in 4 games.

Comments: Wow. Can I get a WTF? please? I guess Lightning coach Guy Boucher is due for a raise at the end of the season…and that Capitals coach Bruce Bodreau is due for his walking papers. But seriously, Caps…WTF?

Series: Philadelphia Flyers (2) vs. Boston Bruins (3).

My Prediction: Flyers in 7 games.

What Actually Happened: Bruins UPSET in 4 games.

Comments: I think we all kind of half-suspect the Capitals to sabotage themselves sooner or later. But the Flyers? They were a much improved squad over last year’s team that made it to the Finals. I was actually expecting them to make it to the Finals again this year…not roll over and die.

OK, that didn’t go as I expected, so I guess I’ll stick to my day job. On to the next round.


Author: Sal Barry

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