Decades 1980s: National Edition – Box Break #2

I enjoyed my first box of In The Game’s Decades 1980s enough that I decided to buy a second box a day later. I actually did a “pack wars” type break with Justin G. (Hopeful Chase) and Tim (DFG). Those guys each got a Mario Lemieux game-used card. And me? I did OK…

Three Regular Cards

A retro-themed card of my hero, Chris Chelios! This box started off on the right foot.

A “rookie card” of Dino Ciccarelli. Make that Hall of Fame winger Dino Ciccarelli. My first-ever hockey card was a 1984-85 Topps card of Dino.

Battle of Aberta Joe Mullen vs. Glenn Anderson. Flames vs. Oilers? Wow, talk about combustion! Those must have been some explosive battles.

Three Autographed Cards
Also known as Reason #1 why I bought a second box of Decades

Mark Hunter – OK, he’s definitely an eighties player, having started his NHL career in 1981 and retiring in 1993.

Eldon “Pokey” Reddick – Jets Represent!!!! I’m glad that this card “shows” Reddick from his days with the Winnipeg Jets. You know Reddick didn’t get any cards during his 3 seasons in Winnipeg? He was featured in a few sticker sets though. This guy didn’t have half the career that Mark Hunter had, and yet I’m thrice as enthralled to get this card.

Dino Ciccarelli – Two cards of Dino in a 9-card box? That’s 22.222% Ciccarelli.

Three Jersey Cards

Andy Moog Game Used Jersey Card – Moog was a big game goalie for the Bruins in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Guy Lafleur Game Used Jersey Card – Guuuuuuyyyyyy LaaaaaaFleeeeuuuurrrrr! Unleash the awesome!!! This is definitely going into the “keeper” pile. Lafleur only played one season with the New York Rangers, so there can’t be too many Rangers jersey swatch cards for him out there.

And Reason #2 why I bought a second box of Decades:

Chicago Blackhawks Quadruple Swatch card – Stan Mikita, Bill White, Denis Savard and Darren Pang. Three of these players had accomplished NHL careers. And then there’s Darren Pang. All kidding aside–Panger’s career ended after back-to-back knee injuries–this is a pretty awesome card for a ‘Hawks fan like me. Savard and Mikita are in the Hall of Fame and White played 7 seasons in Chicago. Considering that Pang played only 81 games in Chicago in an era where players didn’t change jerseys every shift, a swatch from his sweater seems like it would be pretty rare. Plus he’s a damn good broadcaster.

One 1/1 Jersey Card
…or Reason #3 for buying a second box of Decades:

Rookie Game-Used Jersey Joe Nieuwendyk – I’m not sure if this is from his 1987-88 rookie season. The back of the card says it is “…a Rookie Game-Used Jersey card from the Decades – 1980s Series…” so I assume that to mean it is from his first year. It is also stamped 1/1 THE NATIONAL CHICAGO in gold ink on the front.

One In-Person Autograph
Yes, this was Reason #4 for me buying a second box of Decades.

I was able to get a second item autographed by U.S. Olympian Mark Wells. This card is from the 1994-95 Signature Rookies “Miracle on Ice” set.

Overall, I enjoyed opening this box of cards. Sure, I would have liked bigger hits, and I can do without the Battle of Alberta-type cards. I do like the 100 Years of Hockey (tobacco-style) cards. In the Game did a great job of giving fans enough incentive to buy these cards–from the 1/1 show-only jersey card to the quad Blackhawks jersey card to the opportunity to get something signed by Mark Wells. I will definitely participate in In The Game’s wrapper redemption programs at future shows.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

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