Pro Set Holiday Card


It’s no secret that, even 20 years later, I still love Pro Set trading cards. So when I found this holiday greeting card at The National back in August, I eagerly bought it. It was sent out by Pro Set in 1990–most likely to companies and suppliers who dealt with them, but it may have been sent out to Pro Set Gazette subscribers (though I cannot confirm that)

You might recognize the illustration on the front–it was used on the “Santa Claus” card inserted into packs of 1990 Pro Set Football cards. A card of Santa didn’t make it into hockey packs in 1990, though we hockey collectors did get a Santa card in the 1991-92 Parkhurst set. 

The inside of this holiday card reads:

All the Cards

Here, card has two meanings. We all know that “card” implies trading cards. But a lesser known definiton of card means “a witty, entertaining or eccentric person.” (,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who reads this blog!


Author: Sal Barry

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