Bargain Box Bonanza

I try to avoid the bargain boxes at card shows. You might spend an hour looking through five monster boxes, and only find one card you want.

But this past weekend, I went to a 3-day card show. Going all 3 days–instead of just 1 like I normally do–gave me the luxury of time. So I hit all the dime, quarter–and even dollar–boxes at this show. And I found some pretty good cards.

 2005-06 MVP Dion Phaneuf rookie card = 25 cents

Two (2) 2005-06 MVP Brent Seabrook rookie cards = 10 cents each

1984-85 Topps Pat Lafontaine rookie card = $1.00
Yes, it’s nowhere near the value of his OPC RC, but I couldn’t pass this up for a buck.

Two (2) 1990-91 Upper Deck Jeremy Roenick rookie cards = 10 cents each
It actually makes me sad to find this card for a dime. I remember when this was one of the top draws at a card show in Chicago, circa 1990.

1990-91 OPC Premier Jeremy Roenick rookie card = $1.00
OK, so maybe I’m still hoarding Roenick RCs after all these years.

2010-11 Black Diamond Dana Tyrell rookie card (Triple Diamond) = 25 cents
Some guy had several Double and Triple Diamonds in his quarter boxes.

 2010-11 Black Diamond T.J. Brodie rookie card (Triple Diamond) = 25 cents

2010-11 Black Diamond Alex Plante rookie card (Triple Diamond) = 25 cents

2010-11 Black Diamond Carey Price (Double Diamond) = 25 cents

Two (2) 2010-11 Black Diamond Mark Messier (Triple Diamond) = 25 cents each

2005-06 Parkhurst Ryan Suter rookie card = 10 cents

2001-02 Upper Deck Vintage Martin Erat rookie card = 10 cents
Another dime, another Predator RC.

Two (2) 1991 Stadium Club Members Only Patrick Roy = 10 cents each

1969-70 O-Pee-Chee Lou Nanne rookie card = $1.00
I need so many cards from this set, so a non–common for a buck is a find.

1974-75 John Davidson rookie card = 25 cents
An RC of JD. I hope to get this signed one day.

1991-92 Arena Draft Picks Fat Balloon…er, I mean Pat Falloon = 10 cents

Nine (9) different 1997-98 Upper Deck 3-Star Selects = Ray Bouqrque (pictured) was 25 cents; the rest were 10 cents each.

1997-98 Score Check-It Bryan Berard = 10 cents
This completes my “Check-It” Insert Set. Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

46 assorted 1980s Topps Logo Stickers = 10 cents each
Why did I buy all these logo stickers? I’m not sure. I think I still find them cool after all these years.

Ten (10) 1989-90 Topps Wayne Gretzky cards = 10 cents each
Ten cards of The Great One for one dollar. How could I say no?

Not a bad bunch of cards for $12.65. These were the highlights of the “cheap thrills.” Stay tuned to see more of the high-end cards I purchased.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

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