2010-11 Artifacts Box Break #6

After much delay, here is my box break for my sixth–yes sixth!!!–box of 2010-11 Artifacts. Will I get yet another Buffalo Sabres autograph?

29 Base Cards

Thankfully, I got the last 5 base cards I needed to finish my base set.

2 Artifacts Rookie Cards

Alexander Pechursky 063 / 999 – YES! I needed this card of Pechursky (and his generic Mylec goalie mask)

Nick Johnson 591 / 999 – Two Penguins rookie cards? I needed this one too.

1 Artifacts Rookies Emerald Parallel

Jamie McBain 07 / 50 – I have the “regular” version of this card, so I don’t need to have the emerald version too.

1 Artifacts Star

Steven Stamkos 241 / 999 – Unfortunately, I have this card already. (I think I had two at one time and traded one to Justin G.)

1 Artifact Legend

Gilbert Perrault 537 / 999 – Need it!

1 Rookie Redemption

When redeemed, this will get me Jordan Caron (#233). Is he any good?

1 Autofacts Autographs

Finally! I got one of a player who is NOT from the Buffalo Sabres. Al MacInnis is in the Hall of Fame and was the Stanley Cup MVP in 1989.

Jersey Cards

Tundra Tandems Andrei Markov and Sergei Gonchar 44 / 75 – The swatch from Markov’s jersey is 2-color (white and blue).

Treasured Swatches Anze Kopitar 20 / 25 – This card has a black jersey swatch and a piece of the shoulder patch.

Treasured Swatches Ryan Getzlaf 085 / 150 – One white swatch and one gold swatch. The swatch colors go nicely with the color scheme of this card.

OK, I am officially done buying boxes of last year’s Artifacts. I have all the base cards, but need many of the Rookies, Stars and Legends. If you have any of the short prints from 2010-11 Artifacts that you’d like to trade, check out my Want List.

Likewise, the jersey cards, the McBain Emerald RC and the Stamkos short print are for trade. And I have tons of extra base cards, if you need any.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

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  1. Caron was excellent against the Leafs this year, but that's all I've saw of him. He'll probably be a third liner.

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