2010-11 Artifacts Box Break #3

This is my third box of 2010-11 Artifacts Hockey. It was actually a very good box for me. 

31 Base Cards

Roberto Luongo was one of the 31 base cards that I got.

2 Artifacts Rookies

Evgeny Dadonov 395 / 999 – Call me crazy, but one day I’ll have all the RCs in this set.

Adam McQuiad 723 / 999 – Another 2 rookie cards to scratch off my list.

Wait…what’s this?

1 Artifacts Gold Rookie

Johan Motin 24 /35 – This is a parallel version of an Artifacts Rookie card that uses gold ink instead of silver. It is also limited to 35 copies. I seem to be getting a lot of low-numbered cards of Oilers prospects.

1 Rookie Redemption

#226 – St. Louis Blues – This will get me an Ian Cole rookie card. Never heard of him.

1 Artifacts Stars

Eric Staal 092 / 999 – A Staal Star card. Moving on to better things….

1 Legend

Wayne Gretzky 573 / 999 – Jackpot! Well, kinda….I like these Legend cards, and wish that they were seeded 2 (or more) per box. Getting this Gretzky card in a pack saves me the trouble of trying to buy or trade for one later on.

Autofacts Autograph

Ryan Miller autograph – In the 3 boxes of Artifacts I’ve opened, I have gotten a Buffalo Sabre autograph in each one. But this one is of their best player, Ryan Miller. Including trades and purchases, I now have like 4 or 5 signed Sabres cards from this set.

Jersey Cards

Eric Staal Treasured Swatches 016 / 150 –  Another limited Staal card. This one is pretty cool, as it features both a black and a red swatch.

Frozen Artifacts Jacob Vorachek 4 / 4 – Apparently, Voracheck wears a Size 54 jersey. Kind of neat that this is numbered out of 4, and that I got number 4.

But this next one is the best of the lot:

Dustin Brown / Anze Kopitar / Drew Doughty Tundra Trios 24 / 40 –  I’ve gotten triple swatch cards before, but never a triple patch card.

All of these jersey cards are for trade.

Sure, nothing will top the Crosby / Ovechkin swatch I got in my first box, but overall this was a very solid break.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

2 thoughts on “2010-11 Artifacts Box Break #3”

  1. Great break Sal, I would be interested in trading for Voracek! Email me what he is worth to you and I will try and tempt you with an offer.

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