Card of the Week: Flame On!

1989-90 Procards AHL/IHL #22 – Gordie Walker

1989-90 Procards AHL/IHL #22 - Gordie WalkerYou probably could not help but notice that the flaming hockey stick on the card above–a gimmick you most likely would not see today. But back in the 1990s, minor league hockey cards were a great source for all things wacky and tacky. From stupid mascots (hello Buzz the Beaver) to showboating for the camera, if it was a bad idea, it probably graced the front of a minor league hockey card.

Gordie WalkerNew Haven Nighthawks left wing and alternate team captain Gordie Walker is the player brandishing the burning stick. He smiles nicely for the camera while silently hoping that the open flames don’t reach his Aqua Net-coated hairdo.

Walker “enjoyed” a 21-goal, 25-assist performance in 60 AHL games the previous season–his best offensive output since junior hockey, but nothing to write home about. All things considered, holding a flaming hockey stick seems a bit hammish. It is something you’d expect of someone like Jeremy Roenick or Alexander Ovechkin, not a career minor-leaguer.1989-90 Procards AHL/IHL #22 - Gordie Walker (back)By 1989, Walker’s career was pretty much extinguished–31 points in 46 games over the next two seasons in the minors, then a year in Germany before retiring.


Author: Sal Barry

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4 thoughts on “Card of the Week: Flame On!”

  1. Mullets were so common back then I didn’t really notice them. To me, it was just standard hockey player hair.

  2. The flaming stick was well-deserved AND earned…anyone who saw him play would agree. Shame on the weak comments…learn to write before commenting about someone and a sport you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about.

    1. Hi Marianne,
      Thanks for reading my blog post, and thanks for your comment. Would you like to elaborate a bit on Mr. Walker’s career, and why you are so upset?

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