Puck Junk is 5 Today

5th AnniversaryOctober 5, 2007 was the day I officially launched PuckJunk.com.

That doesn’t seem too long ago. But I feel like I got a lot accomplished in 5 years, including a Masters Degree, a successful career change and maintaining this website (and that other hockey website I also do). So I guess 5 years was a while ago.

Screen shot from 2007
My first-ever article for this site was a review of 2007-08 Victory Hockey.

Five years! None of my previous “hobby websites” have lasted that long. My fansite about The Matrix movies lasted about 4 years, though I didn’t update it in the last year. My G.I. Joe fansite only lasted maybe around 2 years. My Transformers website never got off the ground. But my hockey card and collectibles site–FIVE YEARS AND COUNTING.

And counting! That’s the great part. I still enjoy collecting hockey cards and I still enjoy writing about them.

Why? Because of the rest of the blogosphere. My other fansites were islands unto themselves, while Puck Junk is part of a community that enjoys hockey cards. Thanks to everyone who has traded cards with me, and thanks to everyone who’s listened to me prattle on about old cards, new cards, good cards, bad cards, rookie cards and lost cards.

Here’s to the next half-decade.


Hockey Hall of Fame Playing CardsTo celebrate Puck Junk’s 5th Anniversary, I am giving away a sealed deck of Hockey Hall of Fame playing cards, which uses photos of some of the greatest all-time players.

Hockey Hall of Fame Playing CardsIf you would like to be entered in the drawing, just post a reply saying so by Sunday afternoon.. I will do a random drawing on Sunday night.

Happy Birthday to these guys!

2003-04 Topps Lost Rookies #LRC-ML - Mario Lemieux 2003-04 Topps Lost Rookies #LRC-PR - Patrick Roy


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

23 thoughts on “Puck Junk is 5 Today”

  1. A half-decade is a serious accomplishment and just think of all the other bloggers you inspired to start writing in that time.
    I want to thank you for 5 great years of articles and I want to wish you continued health and happiness.

  2. Congrats! I may be fairly new here, but certainly have been enjoying my time. I think your secret to longevity has been offering something unique that people enjoy, but also that is constantly changing. My own fan website is a hard draw because while there is a dedicated group who appreciate the show, now much changes or can be updated when the show is completed and on re-runs. You’ve got something innovative and special which I think will easily grow over your next 5!

    And as I have done since I was a little kid, certainly going to enjoy Mario’s Birthday!

  3. 5! 5?! Way to go, dude. I didn’t think I would make it to three and without people in the hobby like yourself, I’m sure I wouldn’t have. Thanks for bringing it for the last five years and here’s to many more.

    PS. I would like to win those cards. No really. I would.

  4. Congrats Sal. I was referred to your blog by your girlfriend. We’ve messaged each other on a website called Swapbot and I really enjoy what I’ve seen so far! Here’s to 5 more years.

  5. Late to the party, but congrats on 5 years, Sal. Your blog continues to be a cornerstone of the hockey card blogging world. Here is to another 5 years!

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