Deja Vu Tuesday: Dave Lumley

Lumley_2013-14_OilersWhen I opened a box of the 2013-14 Edmonton Oilers Collection last week, I knew I had seen this photo of Oilers forward Dave Lumely before. Longtime collectors might recall this pic being used on a card during Lumley’s seven-year career with the Oliers. Do you know what other card this photograph appeared on?

Lumley_1984-85_OPCIf you said 1984-85 O-Pee-Chee, you’d be correct. Ironically, the card design is as a member of the Hartford Whalers, although the photo is of him with the Oilers. Four months after Lumley was claimed by the Whalers in the 1984 Waiver Draft, he was re-claimed by the Oilers off of waivers. This was his last card during his career, save for two Oilers team-issued sets.

Lumley_1984-85_OPC Lumley_2013-14_Oilers Looking at the two cards side-by-side, it is amazing to see how far printing technology has come in the past 30 years. Notice how much crisper and brighter the photo on the right is.

superimposedIt makes me wonder what an old school Topps or OPC set would look like if printed with modern technology.


Author: Sal Barry

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